5 Bizzarre Rabbit Facts

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Turns out there is much more to our long-eared pals than first meets the eye. Read on to find out…

  • Rabbits are not rodents.  

Yup, due to having an extra pair of incisors and other skeletal features, rabbits are not technically rodents. Instead, they belong to the Lagomorpha family, accompanied by hares, and the lesser known but incredibly cute, Pika.

  • Young rabbits are called kittens

Along with our feline friends, a young rabbit is actually known as a kitten. Bonus fact – the young of a beaver is known as a kitten, too.

  • Rabbits sleep with their eyes open

This quirky and slightly creepy trait is common in some but not all rabbits, making it very tricky to spot when they are asleep. This clever adaptation means that the rabbit – prey for a lot of larger mammals in the wild – can quickly be alerted to sudden movements, even when sleeping.

  • You can read a rabbit

Much like dogs and cats, rabbits have their own form of body language that they use to communicate with each other. Ears backwards or low can indicate anger, while a tail tucked down can indicate a contented bunny.

  • Their teeth never stop growing

Due to their natural diet of touch woody materials, a rabbits’ teeth have evolved to never stop growing. This is why it is important to provide rabbits with plenty to chew, to keep them nice and comfortable and allow them to express their natural chewy behaviours.

Got any weird bunny facts? We’d love to hear them! Contact us on our Facebook page and tell us about it!


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