Boredom busters for dogs!

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As the country prepares to self-isolate, how about some clever boredom busters to keep your dogs entertained. We love these fantastic ideas and tips from our network of amazing dog walkers and pet sitters. We hope you like them, too!

Find the toy

Pop the dog into another room. Hide the dog’s favourite toy (in an easy place to begin with) and then let the dog come into the room to sniff out the toy. Give a reward when the dog finds it. This is a great way to get the dog to use its greatest sense – the power of smell.

Find the treats

You can do the same with treats. Hide them around the room (behind things, under things, on top of things) and get the dog using its nose to find them!

Kong time

Stuffed Kongs™ or other treat stuffer toys are great for keeping a dog entertained while you’re out or to help them settle while you’re trying to get things done! (Anyone who has ever raised a puppy will be sure to relate!) A Kong is a tough, rubber hive shaped toy with a hole in one end and a hollow middle.

Puzzle toys

Puzzle toys (pyramids, cubes or balls) dispense food or treats as the dog plays with it. Food drops at irregular intervals to keep them interested. The toys are usually made from plastic or rubber. If you have to pop out, these toys are great for keeping a dog’s focus as the treats will drop out sporadically.

Snuffle rugs

These are rag rugs made with non-toxic fabrics used for hiding tasty morsels in amongst the rags. They are soft and comfortable for the dog to have a snooze on once they have snaffled all of the treats, too!

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WLP Team

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