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Why use We Love Nutrition?

At We Love Nutrition, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality food available for your pets. All of our food and treats are made from top quality, sustainable ingredients sourced right here in the UK – which minimizes our carbon footprint! Working closely with British farmers provides us with responsibly sourced proteins, superior vegetables, and premium grains.

We are committed to creating recipes that are full of healthy, nutrient-rich, and functional ingredients, which ensure a well-balanced diet that can be tailored to your dog or cat’s specific needs. We exclusively use freshly prepared foods and cook them at low temperatures, to make the food extra tasty, while preserving the high levels of nutrients and antioxidants within them. Using this technique means more proteins and nutrients can be easily digested and absorbed, improving your pet’s overall health and wellbeing!

Our food range has been designed with every pet in mind, providing you with considerable options to choose from.


Our range of We Love Nutrition flavours:

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How much you could earn on average!

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Our unique Puppy Care Package

Our exclusive We Love Nutrition Puppy Care Package will provide your puppy owners with all of the following essentials:

  • Our top Puppy Care Tips
  • Free 2 kg bag Grain Free Puppy Food
  • Free package Grain Free Puppy Treats
  • Free voucher code for We Love Nutrition Training Course
  • Free voucher code for We Love Pets Puppy Care Training Course
  • Branded We Love Nutrition food measuring cup
  • Lifetime free delivery when you subscribe
  • Coupon code for 10% off your first order

Benefits for you!

 When you introduce your puppy owners to We Love Nutrition, you’ll get some freebies too!

  • Free 12 kg bag of food per litter, once you sign up as an affiliate
  • Exclusive breeder’s discount code for feeding your own dogs
  • 10% on recurring puppy orders straight into your pocket – an average of £53.00 per puppy, annually! For reference, we’ve estimated your average potential earnings if you sell 5, 8, or 10 puppies.

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Stage 3

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