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Not everyone has the time to give their dog the long walks they deserve, which is why We Love Pets do what we do! It’s important to us to ensure that the dogs under our care are safe, happy and content.

Earlier this year, PIF updated their dog walking guidelines, setting the standard for professional dog walkers. We’re very happy to say that we already 100% comply.

Below is a rundown of their latest guidelines and how we meet them.

Individual needs

Our priority is always your dog’s mental well being and physical health. At We Love Pets, we take the time to get to know your dog and we promise to always walk in small groups of friendly dogs. Needs of the dog will be discussed and agreed including: timing, training and the cues they respond to and any medical issues and/or requirements of your dog.


Travelling with your dog allows new areas for them to explore and increases mental stimulation. We ensure ALL transport legislation’s are followed so that there’s comfortable and safe transport with an adequate ventilation and temperature control. All equipment used is thoroughly cleaned regularly.

Providing exercise

At We Love Pets, our walkers won’t conduct any behavioural modification on your dog. All equipment is checked to make sure that it is safe and well fitting for your dog. We never use anything that would cause anxiety or distress. We provide varied walks to allow your dog the freedom of exploration and stimulating their minds with new smells and areas to explore.

Group walking

Here at We Love Pets, we offer walks with pairs or threes to allow your dog to get the most out of their walks, we can match your dog with a doggie friend who is suitable in age, size and playability. Our walkers make sure that all dogs are vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas on a regular basis and are familiar with signs of disease, infection or illness.

Lone Walking

We don’t walk in areas that there may be a threat to either party and will leave the area if any risk becomes apparent. And our walkers always carry a charged mobile at all times that includes emergency contacts.

Returning home

We always remove muddy boots when we collect your dog. All dogs get a good rub down with one of our clean towels if they’re muddy or wet at the end of a walk. We always securely lock the property upon exit. We will report any health, behaviour or wealth concerns to you, the owner.


We have an agreement with you about actions to be taken if your dog becomes sick or injured during a walk. All of our walkers are trained in dog first aid and carry a first aid kit for dogs at all times.

Impact on the environment and others

We Love Pets walkers will always prepare by bringing sufficient poo bags to clear any faeces and dispose of these in the correct bins on the walks. this helps the local environment as it’s extremely unhygienic and a health risk to humans, other wildlife and plants.

For more information on the latest guidelines from the Pet Industry Federation click here.

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