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Guinea Pigs are a favourite with many families who have small children. They’re full of adventure and personality and also teach children about the care other living things require to stay happy and healthy.

We thought we’d give some tips below for you to share with your children that they can tick off to make sure their pets are kept entertained and happy.

  • Build an obstacle course

Everyone loves a challenge, don’t they? Start small and maybe make some ‘hills’ from cushions for them to safely clamber over and keep fit!

  • Regularly change the bedding

If you were peeing in your own bed, you’d need a regular change of bedding too! Encourage your children to change the Guinea Pig’s bedding regularly – it’s a mucky job, but someone has to do it!

  • Cuddles

We all need a hug from time to time, Guinea Pigs are no different. Make sure yours are being hugged and loved from the moment they join your family. It’s reassuring and comforting for you, as well as them, so enjoy!

  • Fresh food

Even though lots of packaged pet food is highly nutritional, you can also give your Guinea Pigs fresh fruit – which are low in sugar as they have their water content to balance it out a little.

  • Give them space

Allow your Guinea Pigs space to be quiet, relax and rest. They’re only little and need a little more rest than small children do, so make sure you’re giving them time to get recuperate and get ready for their next cuddle.

Got any extra Guinea Pig care tips to share? Tag us in over on Twitter and we might add it to a future article.



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WLP Team

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