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Rabbits make wonderful family pets and are full of personality, so how do we make sure we are providing them with the happy life they deserve?

Here are some fun ideas for keeping your pet rabbit happy and fulfilled.

  • Bunny bowling

No, we are not suggesting you take your bunny to the local bowling alley, but many bunnies love knocking things over, and a simple set of kids skittles can make a great game for you to play with your rabbit. Don’t leave your bunny unsupervised with the skittles to avoid any unwanted chewing!

  • Build a rabbit castle

Somewhere new to explore provides great mental stimulation for animals – rabbits included! Building a rabbit castle using a cardboard box is great fun and a fantastic activity to do with the kids over the Easter holidays, too!

  • Veggie kebab sticks

Using fruitwood (such as apple wood) or willow, spear your rabbit’s favourite raw veggie foods as well as some new tastes to create a tasty kebab for them to discover and explore.

  • Homemade digging box

Some bunnies love to dig! Fill a box with hay, soil, strips of newspaper or a mix of all three. Hide some treats in there for an extra challenge. Your rabbit will have a great time exploring the new textures and smells and sniffing out some yummy treats.

  • Ready-made or homemade tunnels

Fuel their sense of adventure with plenty of tunnels to explore! You can buy these ready made or create your own using large cardboard tubes used for storage/ postage or even building materials such as guttering offcuts, providing they are not sharp.

Got any rabbit care tips to share? Let us know on our Facebook page and using the hashtag #happybunny

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