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Reading about the five missing dogs from the Tamworth area today has been heartbreaking. As a team of lovers, our hearts go out to those five dogs and their owners.

Shockingly, this incident is not in isolation. In the pet care business, we hear about dogs going missing while in the care of supposed professional dog walkers and pet sitters all the time. Fortunately, there are simple precautions that can be taken to ensure your pets are safe when in the care of a dog walker or sitter.

1. Check how many dogs are on each walk. If there are any more than four dogs per dog walker, don’t do it. There is simply no way that the walker can guarantee care and safety of an individual dog if they are looking after more than four at a time. If your dog is being walked in a pack of over four they are at an increased risk of injury, stress and being lost.

2. Is your dog walker or pet sitter insured and DBS checked? If your pet carer has invested in a comprehensive insurance policy and an up to date police check, they are probably in it for the right reasons. Being a pet care professional is a challenging job, and you are trusting them with a family member – don’t take any chances, and go with your instincts if something doesn’t feel right or a price sounds too good to be true.

3. Only ever use a licensed boarder. We have heard horror stories of pets being left in crates in garages when customers were promised large homes with secure gardens. Always ask to see a license if you are going to be boarding your pet. A boarder should be home most of the day, have a secure garden and a safe, pet-friendly home. Don’t accept anything less for your pets!

We Love Pets was founded on the basis that safety and welfare of pets come first, meaning all staff are first aid trained, DBS checked and insured, all boarders are licensed and there is a strict ‘No Pack Walk’ policy.

Our customer promise: 

Our pet carers will….

  • Never pack walk your dog
  • Be fully insured
  • Be police checked
  • Be pet first aid trained
  • Never make a mess in your home
  • Care for your pets with love and kindness

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WLP Team

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