Meet Clare, We Love Pets South Gloucestershire

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Clare from We Love Pets South Glos sitting with border terrier

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WLP Team

From customer to branch owner!

Having used We Love Pets as a customer I loved the overall professional approach they showed to both pets and customers.

When I was made redundant for the fourth time in my 32 years of working life I decided it would be the last time. No more stress like that. I re-evaluated things and decided I would work for myself and be in control.

My main dilemma was should I choose a franchise or go it alone?

Franchising is a business in a box, a support network of professionals who are experts in their field and there to offer support if needed – they will help me to build my business and get it up and running much quicker than if I were starting up alone.

I wanted to use a business model that was tried, tested and successful that I could then mirror and build on.

We Love Pets were the obvious choice as I already knew how ethical their business was, from being a customer.

Why did you choose a franchise over setting up your own business?

I wanted the support and security a franchise and loved brand name would give me. The support of a marketing and operations team I know will help me achieve the goals I have set myself.

How have We Love Pets made sure you’re the right person to carry the award-winning brand forward?

I had a few phone conversations with Ryan, I met a couple of franchise owners and then met with Ryan face to face. We discussed my experience, goals and how I could be a success with some hard work.

What do you think you’ll find most challenging being a business owner?

Gaining customers, building a network, becoming established – being people’s first choice for their pet care.

How will you overcome this/these?

Hard work, resilience and being 100% committed to making my business a success.

What have you done in your past that you think will help you in your new venture?

HR, payroll and recruitment experience, managing a team, customer focused – these are all skills I’ll call upon as I grow my business and take on staff.

What do you love most about where you live?

Bristol has so many parks and woodland areas for a city – it’s an interesting place steeped in history and close to my family.

Final words from Clare before she opens the doors for business…

Having recently lost my mum to Alzheimer’s, it made me re-evaluate what’s important in life – you only have one life so make it the best!

I am looking forward to moving from the 9-5 office life to a more flexible pattern with lots of fresh air, and building something that is mine but also for my family – being able to make my own decisions and control the way the business grows – alongside a sense of achievement is very exciting and I am keen to get going.

Our very sociable chatty one-year-old Border Terrier, Digby, is often out and about with me and is looking forward to meeting new friends too!

Visit Clare’s webpage to find out more about her dog walking and pet sitting business.

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