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We Love Pets Newport

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We Love Pets Love Wales

We Love Pets are opening their third branch in Wales, offering dog walking, boarding and pet care in Newport and surrounding areas.

Nikki has lived in the area all her life so is familiar with the beautiful parks in the area and is lucky enough to live just 200 yards from one!

‘I can’t wait to enjoy the parks and open spaces every day on the walks. It’s like a dream come true and I keep having to remind myself it’s real.’

Newport is the perfect place to open one of our branches so when Nikki got in touch we hoped she’d love us as much as we loved her! With a lifelong love of animals and a career that gifted her with excellent customer services skills, she is someone we love to hear from.

‘I am naturally scared of giving up what I have known for the last eleven years and being without a regular income while I build the business in the first few months, but I know that with We Love Pets support and their tried, tested and successful decade of building franchises that they are with me every step of the way.

In my previous corporate role, I spent a lot of time on the road so having this opportunity to run my own business in a town I love is going to be amazing for my happiness and work life balance. I can’t wait to start!’

Why did you decide to go from employee to business owner?

One of my life goals was to change my career to something that I was really interested in, something that makes a positive difference to others too.

I initially wanted to set up a home boarding business and then saw the opportunity for a We Love Pets franchise advertised. I absolutely love the concept of running my own business, combine that with my love for animals and it’s the perfect mix.

I’m really looking forward to moving out of the corporate world, building my business, providing a reliable community service, meeting pet owners and of course working with animals. Who could ask for more?

What really ‘clinched the deal’ for you?

My soon to be husband, Rob, said one thing that really helped me make the decision open my branch:

If you work the hours you do now and show the same enthusiasm and dedication running your own business and the love you have for all animals you won’t go far wrong.

It sounds like a list of characters from a children’s cartoon, but I have had the following animals in my life:

1 Parrot, who was very stubborn would not say a word. Maybe I’ll get to look after some parrots who do talk! That’ll be a fun new experience.
7 Dogs
1 Cat
15 Chickens
1 Snake
Guinea pigs
1 Rabbit

I now have two dogs! Cooper who is an 8 month old Shiatzu and mad as a hatter and Porsche an 11 year old Shar-pei.

Click to find out more about Nikki’s Dog Walking and Pet Care Service in Newport, Wales.

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