Summer survival tips for dogs!

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Summertime can be tricky for dogs. They don’t sweat like humans do and therefore can be vulnerable to dehydration and overheating when the weather gets warmer. There are plenty of things dog owners and carers can do to alleviate this. Here are some cool (see what we did there?) ideas from We Love Pets HQ:

Get a paddling pool

If your dog loves the water, access to a paddling pool in the garden is a great way to help keep them cool on hot summer days. A sprinkler or hose works wonders, too!

Cooling mats and collars

Cooling mats and collars use a special gel which is designed to stay cool, usually without the need for refrigeration. These are great for dogs that don’t love water and are clean and dry – ideal for indoor use.

A wet towel to lie down on will help to cool a hot dog

You may have a dog robe or drying jacket that will also do the job. Soaked in cool water, this will help keep your dog’s temperature down.

Ice lollies and ice cubes in the water bowl

Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing ice lolly or drink in the summer months?

Hydrating treats

Watermelon is great for hydration and surprisingly palatable to dogs!  A tasty slice of watermelon will help to hydrate your dog and is also is packed with electrolytes to help keep cells healthy.  

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WLP Team

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