6 reasons to work for We Love Pets.

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Fresh air, peaceful walks and loving animals; here’s 6 reasons to work for We Love Pets!

  1. Wellbeing – It’s no doubt that lockdown has made us all pay more attention to our mental health, it’s important to feel good in everything you do. Working for We Love Pets is a refreshing change that allows you to take things a bit slower and enjoy the little things in life. Not to mention all of the wonderful animals who will always be excited to see you!


  1. Outdoors – The great thing about working for We Love Pets is that your office is the great outdoors, you get to be outside enjoying the very best of mother nature. You can choose your favourite dog-friendly walks and embrace the beauty of your local area!


  1. Big change from corporate life – Working for We Love Pets allows you to break away from the 9-5 grind and gives you the chance to work more flexible hours doing something you love. You get paid to hang out with amazing, loving animals – how great does that sound?!


  1. Fitness – Another one of the great things about being able to work outdoors is how it keeps you fit; get those serotonin levels boosted with dog walks in the sunshine. You might even lose a few pounds whilst doing something you love!


  1. Making a difference – despite all the great benefits to your own life, you’ll be making a difference to lots of animal’s lives. Here at We Love Pets, we pride ourselves on having the best training and regulations in place to ensure that pets get the best care possible. You will help to improve animal welfare standards across the UK.


  1. Community and friends – You will make lifelong friends. Despite being the biggest Pet Franchise in the UK, we are really just one big family. We have a great community of like-minded pet lovers and you can meet up with other staff members on dog walks!


To find out more about working for We Love Pets, head over to our careers page: https://welovepets.care/careers/

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