We Love Pets dog grooming and pet care salon

We Love Pets’ luxury grooming salon – celebrating 2 months in!

We Love Pets Dog Grooming: 2 Months on from Opening Day! 

We love seeing our franchisees grow, offering brilliant pet care services above and beyond. Jo Mumford, director of our Trowbridge branch, opened her brand-new, luxury dog grooming salon on the 9th of April, and it has already been a roaring success! With loads of new customers, staff and general compliments from everyone that enters the building, We Love Pets are incredibly proud of Jo, her husband, Mark, and the rest of the team at the grooming salon! 

After opening her successful dog grooming business in 2020, Jo decided it was time to pursue her dream of having a grooming salon on the high-street. Although the new salon has only been going for 2 months, they’ve had many happy pooches, posing proudly in front of the beautiful flower wall and neon sign! She has also hired two fantastic new dog groomers, who are currently offering 30% off dog grooming throughout June 2022!  

We have all been watching in awe at the incredible salon transformation; from drab, grey office to the bold, luxurious salon it is today. Be sure to read until the end to watch the transformation video!  

It will come as no surprise to hear that Jo is buzzing about the salon’s success! Here’s what she had to say: 

“We opened our high street salon just over a month ago and it’s been such an amazing experience! I can’t even begin to describe the excitement I still get when I walk into the salon, knowing we did this all ourselves through hard work and determination! I can’t actually believe that this is our salon!! 

My husband, Mark, carried out pretty much all of the work internally and externally while still working his day job as an electrician. He worked every evening and weekend at the salon for two whole months to get it to where it is! I am so unbelievably proud of what he has achieved for us, everyone who walks through our door comments on how amazing everything looks! They say it is a luxury spa for dogs! 

We wanted to bring the outside in for the dogs, so we chose an artificial grass flooring, a flower wall, plants hanging from a real tree branch, tropical wallpaper and light airy colours that really open the space up. We certainly stand out from the other shops on the high street! These choices have had great effects on the nervous dogs that walk through our doors, they seem to love the new environment as they are much calmer. 

Business has been absolutely booming, we have had numerous new customers since we’ve been open, so I feel like the future will be fantastic for us with our new grooming salon! 

Mark and I would also like to thank everyone at We Love Pets Head Office for allowing us to achieve this dream, and supporting us through it all. Mark mentioned the possibility of opening a grooming salon back in 2018 when we first met Ryan and Jo, so it really has been a dream come true!” 

All the hard work and dedication that Jo and Mark have put into the new salon has been truly inspiring, and the transformation from dull office to luxury salon has been like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly! 

So why not take a trip to the new salon? Your dog can pose in front of the beautiful flower wall or neon sign. 

The salon truly does bring the outside in, from the fake grass flooring to the hanging wisteria, it certainly does bring a fresh, funky new look to the high street! The dogs love the salon environment and their owners often comment on how original the idea is.  

All of our dog groomers are highly experienced and trained in handling dogs of all shapes and sizes before they join us! They offer a whole range of spa treatments as well as essential tidy ups: 

  • Full Groom 
  • Bath & Fluff Dry 
  • Hand Stripping 
  • Face Trim 
  • Nail Clipping 
  • Pawdicure 
  • De-Matting 
  • Puppy Package 
  • VIP (Very Important Pooch) 
  • Honey and Oatmeal Massage 
  • Facial 
  • Fresh Breath Treatment 
  • Wrinkle Treatment 
  • Flea Treatment Shampoo 
  • Tick Removal 

The team can also offer a pick-up service, where they collect and return your dog freshly groomed, without any hassle. They also include a health check of your dog’s ears, eyes, teeth, nails and body as part of the service! 

Check out the salon transformation below!