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We’ll always put pets first

It’s our family business

Husband and wife team Jo and Ryan White are the head of the We Love Pets family and they live in Norfolk with their two children, 4 Fox Red Labs and umpteen chickens. Jo founded We Love Pets in 2007 when she realised that busy pet owners needing day care and holiday care for their pets only had neighbours or kennels and catteries to rely on and that just wasn’t good enough.

The We Love Pets model of pet care puts pets first and gives them the loving, personal and professional level of care they deserve. Instead of having strangers take care of pets, or burdening friends and relatives, friendly and fully trained We Love Pets local teams are there to provide a flexible service that works around your schedule and situation.

Pets who need minimal disturbance can stay where they are and receive visits from us and those that like to get out there and socialise can play with friends we know are suitable on our dog walks. Our pet carers love and understand animals above all else and with our rigorous standards and background checks in place, you’ll always feel completely at ease that your pet is in the best possible hands.

We Love Pets is a family owned business

“I take the same approach to pet care as I would to childcare and so do thousands of our customers.”

Jo White, Founder of We Love Pets 

How it all started - Jo's story

I can’t remember a time when we haven’t had a pet in our family. It’s pretty hard to find a family photo without at least one of our pets pawing over me or doing something funny in the background. To me, pets and family are the same thing, I can’t imagine my life without them.

I’ve been taking care of pets since I was old enough to advertise my own Pet Club in the local newspaper. It wasn’t until I was inundated with subscribers wanting to receive my pet newsletters and quizzes that my mum knew anything about it. You could say that at 10 years old, I was already pet care entrepreneur.

Many years passed and after doing the sensible thing I thought I should do and get a business management degree and a post graduate diploma in law, my mind kept wandering back to my first love which was caring for pets.

Eventually I found a way to do everything and set up We Love Pets – a personal service for busy pet owners who want their pet looked after by a caring and trustworthy professional.

It struck me that you wouldn’t take your kids to a school you’d never seen inside and let them be cared for by a person you had never met before who had no qualifications in childcare…so why should that happen to your pet?

Keeping our family safe is one of the most basic instincts we have and I can’t tell you how proud it makes me knowing that We Love Pets gives so many people that complete peace of mind that their pet is in loving hands.

Ryan teaching dog handling

How I met Jo - Ryan's story

Me and Jo met at an animal handling course I was giving at Wiltshire College over 10 years ago. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight for us, but we definitely shared a love of animals straight away!

We Love Pets was just starting out then and when I got talking to her about why she was in my course, I realised Jo and her business were different.

I’ve worked with animals my whole life. It’s a passion that has taken me all over the world from Borneo to America to Germany and many places in between. From rehabilitating aggressive dogs to searching for Pigmy Elephants – I’ll work with any species in any way they need.

My upbringing was surrounded by animals of all shapes and sizes – birds of prey, goats, dogs, poultry and they all fascinated me. Observing them and understanding their behaviour became second nature and set me on a path I couldn’t have imagined.

This path eventually led me into teaching and that’s not only how I met my wife, but it’s also one of the ways I continue my work through We Love Pets.

I make sure that our standards of safety and animal care are not just where they should be in terms of the law, but in terms of our own We Love Pets exacting standards. Nothing gets past me!

But it’s not all rules and regulations. I couldn’t be happier that my legacy to our children will be a business that puts animals at the heart of everything because it’s always been that way for me too.

Experienced day carer We Love Pets

Our Mission

“To bring love and expert care to every pet household, in every community.”

Wherever we can, we will promote wellbeing and safety for all pets, everywhere.

We Love Pets Paws for Thought

Our five guiding principles in everything we do.

Dog routine at home

Pets matter

We wholeheartedly believe that pets are important members of our households and communities. Through them, we learn to be more kind, patient and responsible. We must champion the rights and fair treatment of our pets whenever we see this compromised. 

We Love Pets Cat Visits

Pets need more than just love

For our pets to really thrive, they need the right diet, home environment and mental stimulation. We want to help pet owners to be the best they can be by sharing our knowledge and expert training whenever you want us to.

Rabbit care and pet sitting in my area

Pets are family

Pets make a house a home. There is nothing we wouldn’t do for them because that loving bond between pet and owner is real. We love our pets without question and we treat them like our own because that’s what they are to us - family. 

Puppy visits with insured and police checked pet sitters

Pets deserve to be safe

Above all, our pets rely on us to keep them safe. Whether it’s in our own homes or when we leave them to the care of people we trust, we must take every step to ensure that no harm can come to our beloved pets. 

Doggy day care playing while at work

Pets are great fun!

We believe that taking time out to have fun with your pet is important. Whether that’s playing with their favourite toy or simply watching what they do - the joy and laughter that pets bring into our lives should be cherished. 

We’ve won awards for what we do

Our company runs on a franchise model which means we have individual branch owners. We Love Pets is an award-winning franchise and British Franchising Association accredited company. We won the prestigious award of bfa Emerging Franchisor of the Year in 2018 – which is probably the most exciting UK award you can get as a new franchise business. We have also  made the Top 100 UK Franchises in the UK (rated by Elite Franchising) for the last three years, gaining places each year.

Is a franchise right for you?