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You don’t have to be animal crazy in this job, but it helps! Our franchisees are first and foremost animal lovers with a passion for animal safety and doing things properly. Although there is no single profile that fits a We Love Pets franchisee – we come from backgrounds as varied as the armed forces, teaching, sales, IT, legal and many more – we do all share one thing in common: we live and breathe the We Love Pets values.

A belief that pets have a valued role in our lives, families and society is a must, as well as a desire to care for any pet with the same love and attention that you would as if they were your own. You don’t have to have had a career working with animals – many of our franchisees haven’t! – but if your eyes light up and your heart sings when you think about your favourite pets, we want to hear from you! Wherever you’ve come from, you’ll fit right in with our animal mad bunch.

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The numbers don’t lie, We Love Pets is the best in the biz! Our network is diverse and dynamic – continuously growing and improving with each new branch.

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