Why Choose Us for Pet Care?

Here are some of the most popular questions people ask us. See if yours is below and if not, your local branch can help.

Commonly asked questions

Absolutely! WLP branches are insured through Cliverton or Pet Business Insurance. We recommend that you read our Service Agreement and that your pet is insured by a reputable pet insurance company. Please check with your insurance company that your pets are covered while you are away or being walked by someone else.


We carry out police disclosure checks and work references on all new people. This ensures that new people have a squeaky-clean background when they work for us. All new people attend a trial before they are employed by WLP.

To reduce security risks our vehicles aren’t marked or sign-written, so it isn’t obvious that you aren’t at home. We take data protection very seriously, your personal information is kept totally confidential and we adhere to GDPR. We also never put personal or address details on your door key


We have a comprehensive health and safety policy (reviewed every year by a vet), which has to be followed by all staff. We avoid risks by not walking dogs in a group. However, if there is an incident we will always try to take your pet to your own vet. In the event of an emergency your pet will be taken to the nearest vets. We will contact you in this instance.


Any information we hold regarding your pets, your home and your security systems are all kept on a secure server. Any paper copies are kept in a locked cabinet and all information is deleted or destroyed appropriately when required. For more detailed information please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Only if they’re going to daycare or staying for their holidays. They need to be up to date with their vaccinations (including kennel cough). We will need to see your dogs’ vaccination record when you drop them off for boarding.


Home boarding is suitable for well-trained, house-trained, friendly, adult dogs. Male dogs have to be neutered. All dogs have to be up to date with vaccinations (including kennel cough). This ensures a relaxed environment for everyone.


We have a small team of boarders in each area. We will always place your dog in a home where they will feel the most settled. This is why we ask that you visit with your dog before their first stay. If possible, we like for you to go to the same home-boarder for any recurring visits, so that your dog can build up a relationship with them.
As a precaution we don’t have any boarders with children under six years of age. If your dog isn’t used to children we will try and arrange for your dog to stay in a child free home.