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We Love Pets Todmorden lies in the beautiful Upper Calder Valley in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Not only do we cover Todmorden but we also cover the surrounding areas such as Cornholme, Walsden, Lumbutts, Mankinholes and many more.

Here at We Love Pets, we offer a variety of services including pet sitting, dog walking, home boarding and pop-in visits. No matter the size of your pet, our team at Todmorden are happy to help. We are positive we can find the ideal service that suits your needs, whether its because you are at work during the day or perhaps on a weekend getaway, our services are flexible to suit you.

The We Love Pets Todmorden team are fully insured, police DBS checked and trained in pet first aid. To find out how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss how we can assist you.

Meet Fiona & James | We Love Pets Todmorden

We Love Pets Todmorden managers Fiona and James are passionate animal lovers and experts in animal care. They have plenty of experience with animals as they own a wide range of pets who share their farm with them, including their 2 chihuahuas, 6 horses, 3 rescue cats and several hens and geese. Before becoming branch owners, Fiona worked as a mobile hairdresser and James as a quantity surveyor.

We want your pet to enjoy their time with us and make sure that every second of our time with them is fun, full of exercise and mental stimulation, to improve their mental wellbeing as well as their physical health. All staff members are DBS checked, fully insured and pet first aid trained.

Fiona, James and the local team are proud to be a part of the We Love Pets family by providing the best animal care possible.

1 Dog Walking
2 Pop in Pet Sitting
3 Hourly Dog Sitting
4 Home Boarding
5 House Sitting
6 Puppy Care
Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Fun, play, and exercise are the focus of our dog walks.

Our dog walkers aim to make each walk the highlight of your dog’s day, giving them a chance to play, socialise, exercise, and explore new sights and smells, returning them home happy and tired.

Your dog’s safety is always our top priority which is why we never pack walk dogs. We want your dog to experience a fun-filled walk whilst under constant supervision, without being bombarded by lots of other dogs. Instead, our trained and trusted dog walkers will walk your dog with two doggie friends for maximum play and socialisation.

We also offer socialisation dog walks and a one-to-one dog walking service, if you have a dog who needs some alone time with their walker or wants some TLC whilst discovering the big wide world.

Dog Walking
Pop in Pet Sitting

Pop in Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting services allow you to get away, happy with the knowledge that your pets will be well looked after - comfortable in their own home. Our pet sitter will spend time with your pets, make a fuss, feed, provide fresh water as required, and clear up any mess. 

Each of our pet sitters is professionally trained, vetted by us, fully insured and background checked. They also have up to date pet first aid training, for extra peace of mind. 

We look after dogs, cats, horses, ponies, small animals, and birds. Don’t worry if you have more than one pet – the more the merrier! Before you book, we will schedule a meet & greet visit to discuss your animal care routine and ensure we stick to your normal pet care practice. 

Pop in Pet Sitting
Hourly Dog Sitting

Hourly Dog Sitting

If you are going out and don’t want to leave your dog, we can offer a dog sitting service, which works like babysitting. You choose the hours you want to book our trusted dog sitters and we will come to your house to take care of your dog for as long as you need us to. This is great for dogs who need one-to-one care in their own home.  

Hourly Dog Sitting
Home Boarding

Home Boarding

If you can’t bear the idea of leaving your dog in kennels when you go away on holiday, then our home-from-home dog boarding service is perfect for you! Our friendly, local home boarders offer all the comforts of home.

Your dog will be welcomed into a trusted pet sitter’s home as part of their family. While you’re away, your dog will be going on a lovely holiday of their own. They will become part of the family, enjoying regular walks and plenty of individual attention. Dog boarding is perfect for dogs who get on with other dogs and people.

Our branches are full members of the PCFA, licensed, trained, insured and police checked for peace of mind. Our high animal welfare standards mean your dog won’t be mass boarded but will instead be cared for as part of the family.

Home Boarding
House Sitting

House Sitting

If you’re going away on holiday our housesitting service is an ideal solution for keeping your pet in their home and giving you a sense of security while you're away.

Our house sitters are fully insured, police checked and trained in pet first aid. You will have an opportunity to meet your house sitter before you go away to make sure we completely understand your needs and you trust us to stay in your home.

You’ll also receive updates on your pets and home while away. It's the closest thing to being home yourself!

House Sitting
Puppy Care

Puppy Care

We can help you get through those first few months after your puppy arrives, so that you can go to work without worrying.

Bringing a new puppy into the home is an exciting time! We understand that when you go back to work it is important that your puppy has as normal a routine as possible.

We'll make frequent visits for regular feeding, cleaning, toilet breaks, play and cuddles. And of course, we’ll clear up any puppy mess.

We Love Pets can help by providing daily visits to help take care of your puppy without the worry of leaving them alone all day.

We have a puppy package to suit every breed, and visits will depend on how long you’re out for, the age of your puppy and its requirements. Your puppy can then graduate to dog walks with some doggie friends.

Puppy Care
We Love Pets | Team

Why choose We Love Pets?

We never pack walk!
Pack walking is when a large group of dogs are walked together at the same time. This is not safe for dogs, walkers or the general public who run into them. We’ll never pack walk your dog, which means they get more time out and about enjoying their walk than stuck in a van travelling to collect other dogs.

We’ve got high professional standards

  • We’re all pet first aid trained
  • Nobody is hired without a DBS check
  • All walkers have full insurance
  • Home boarders have licences from their council

and we offer so much more…


Call The Team on +447955 691223  or complete the contact form.

Areas covered by our Todmorden branch:

Our Todmorden branch also covers surrounding areas. See the locations we cover listed below:

OL14 – Todmorden, Walsden, Lumbutts, Mankinholes, Portsmouth, Cornholme, Eastwood

Don’t see your area? There’s a strong chance we can help you anyway, so why not get in touch!


'Woofin good prices'

If you’re interested in care for more than one dog or cat, small animals, reptiles or exotics – and everything in between – please get in touch for a personalised quote!

What our customers say

Dog Walks - from £15 an hour

Our dog walks focus on exercise, socialisation, and fun! We match dogs with a suitable walking buddy, but never walk in groups of more than four - as part of our 'No Pack Walk Policy.' Our friendly, knowledgeable dog walkers will send updates and photos whilst out, before returning your dog clean, happy, and ready for a rest.

Home Boarding - from £45 per 24 hours

Give your dog a holiday while you're away through our home boarding service. Your pup will stay with one of our fully licensed & experienced host families in a safe, comfortable home - rather than a kennel. We'll stick to your dog's diet, routine, and walking schedule for a true home-from-home experience.

Home Boarding Licence - HBO0073

Pet Visits - from £12 for 30 mins

Need someone to pop in and check on your pet? Our trustworthy and reliable pet care professionals will make a visit for tailored feeding, medication administration, play & interaction, toilet breaks, and to clear any messes. They're DBS checked for your peace of mind, and will send regular updates and photos during the visit.

House Sitting - from £80 per 24 hours

Keep to your pet's normal routine while on holiday with our house sitting service. One of our pet care professionals will stay with your pet in your home to follow their routine, clean hutches and cages, give medication, go for walks, let out for the toilet, help around the house, and give your pet plenty of fuss and love!

Why we love Todmorden

Our favourite places to take dogs in Todmorden

Centre Vale Park – A wonderful green space in Todmorden with well-maintained paths and open fields. Dogs can enjoy on-lead walks with their owners and take in the beautiful surroundings, including the picturesque Todmorden Viaduct.

Todmorden Moor – A vast expanse of open moorland perfect for energetic walks with your canine friend. Dogs can roam freely in this natural setting and revel in the fresh air and stunning panoramic views.

Gauxholme Railway Viaduct – A unique and historical walking experience. Dogs can join you on a leisurely stroll along the Rochdale Canal towpath, passing under the grand viaduct and enjoying the tranquil waterside scenery.

Stoodley Pike – While not directly in Todmorden, Stoodley Pike is a popular nearby destination for dog walking. The hike up to this historic monument rewards you and your furry friend with breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.

Todmorden Park – A lovely place for dog walks, offering scenic paths, a picturesque boating lake, and beautiful flowerbeds. Dogs are welcome to accompany you on-lead as you explore the park’s charming features.

These dog walking spots in Todmorden offer a mix of natural beauty, history, and leisure, ensuring enjoyable outings with your beloved canine companion.