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Stewart from We Love Pets Teeside walking with three dogs

Meet Stewart – We Love Pets Teesside

I am arriving!

In later life, you need a job/career that gets you out and about meeting people whilst keeping yourself fit. To me, this is everything especially as it means that I will be able to do this for as long as I am able, and not to a Government instigated date.

This feels to me like I am arriving at a point where all my life skills that were learnt in the muddy trenches of life will just jell and flow. You cannot reflect back on all those 3 am starts and 10 pm finishes without wondering why an educated person would put themselves through it all for merely money?

I have always worked ridiculously long unsociable hours which is not good for longevity of life. This will be the turning point that I am looking for.

I retired from my current career in March 2019. I have felt for a long time now that it was getting more dangerous and the money did not compensate for the new problems incurred.

From business owner to business owner

I have been fortunate enough to have several successful businesses under my belt with at one point employed 130 people. This obviously gives me a lot of confidence that I should have the necessary people skills when it’s time to take on staff.

All my life I have worked with people face to face, meeting people from all walks of life… and loved it.

We Love Pets has a family feel about it

To be honest, before I looked into it fully, franchise meant disappointment as I perceived it to be an attachment to the business and not a part of it.

But We Love Pets has a family feel about it and not just a business, which was one of many things that clinched it for me. It also has the feel of a progressive business. They know where they’re headed!

I am in no doubt what so ever that this will be a success

The fact that I have someone covering my back is both challenging and comforting. It will be a positive challenge to meet their expectations.

My only concern is the pace in which it all pulls away, We Love Pets franchisees have a habit of expanding rapidly. For my part, I will be out leafletting and palming cards from minute one. I am in no doubt what so ever that this will be a success.

Everyone to date has answered the phone!

It is still early days, but I am confident with the people I have spoken to.

Everyone, existing franchisees, Ryan and the head office support team, to date, has answered the phone and helped. Isn’t that something these days!

Teesside’s beaches and open countryside

I am very lucky that we have both beaches and open countryside close by. The fact that we were once a high industrial area which has gone into recession means that there is massive tracts of reclaimed land needing to be walked on!

It’s me and the dogs!

I have a supportive group of close friends and family and live with my two dogs. Both are chocolate Labradors, Mouse is 13 and Puddn is 1.

Mouse is probably the most laid back dog that I have had. She is, without doubt, the most loyal and has been with me both at work and at home almost every day of her life. She is deaf but can do what any other dog can do, all be it by hand signals now.

She is confident and social but a super vociferous dog when working. There is no anger in her body, but she can convey when she is not happy.

Puddn is the complete opposite, in both size and temperament. If e numbers were relative to dogs she would be on them. Everything is high speed and now! She is the first dog that I have had with this character and I am finding it very satisfying trying to keep up and adapt. She is a new learning curve for me in that no matter what you show her she gets it and then wants to know what is next, I think they’ll both enjoy being on this journey with me.

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