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Our most common questions

Founded in 2007, We Love Pets is an award-winning and bfa accredited pet care franchise company. We proudly boast 170+ branches across the UK, each offering our high standard pet care services with a welfare-first approach.

We stand head & shoulders above the competition with our successful business model, unrivalled resources and access to industry professionals, as well as ongoing training & support.

We’re unique because we offer:

  • An expert support team, including an in-house vet nurse and solicitor
  • Innovative technology, such as our internal social platform, company wide intranet, and customer management applications

There’s an initial franchise fee of £12,995 +VAT, which includes:

  • Exclusive territory & licence
  • Full business set up
  • Boarding licence fee for your first year
  • Training in business management, systems operation, animal behaviour & handling, and pet first aid
  • Printable and digital assets
  • First year insurance – to cover you, the pets, and the public
  • Your own optimised webpage with continuous maintenance
  • Paid marketing & advertising resources
  • First 3 months of your ongoing franchise fee

We work with a government backed lender, BizBritain, who offer a 5-year payment plan to take the stress out of the initial fee. This is a really popular option for many of our franchisees, and none have been turned down!

After the initial franchise fee, there is an ongoing 10% fee of your monthly turnover which will cover:

  • National marketing & advertising
  • Website maintenance & innovation
  • Ongoing training & support
  • Advice from our in-house vet nurse and solicitor
  • & more

The sky is the limit! This really does depend on how far you would like to push your business.

On average, our branch turnover figures reach:

  • £4,250 by month 12
  • £6,000+ by month 24
  • £7,000+ by month 36

However, we have some branches that have recorded:

  • average £21,000+ a month
  • £16,000+ by month 24
  • £3,695+ by month 4

This goes to show with the support of the head office team, we can assist you to achieve fantastic results!

We know the key to a successful franchise lies in the training, so it’s a huge part of what we do.

Prior to your launch, we provide a week-long training program at Head Office to teach you how to run your business, covering areas such as:

  • Recruitment & operations
  • Marketing & social media management
  • Business systems
  • Finance & accountancy
  • Customer conversion & sales

Our motto is, “the best business owners NEVER stop learning!” So you can continue your learning journey through our:

  • Online training courses, developed by animal care professionals
  • Regular training reviews
  • Frequent refresher webinars and tutorials
  • Business boost workshops
  • Annual Conference events and breakout sessions

You’ll also receive ongoing training support from our team of experts when you need it.

One of the benefits of owning a franchise is belonging to a larger support network, who are there to help you grow and thrive.

We offer continuous support from Head Office for all franchisees through a designated support hub, intranet resources, Google Ads management, an internal social platform (with a digital support assistant!), frequent network webinars, and regular phone check-ups.

Our team of professionals specialise in:

  • Operations & legal
  • Animal care
  • Marketing & advertising
  • IT & tech support
  • Content creation & social media

We’re always available to answer questions and guide you in the right direction! However, our support is two-fold, as our existing franchisees are also an excellent resource for mentorship and day-to-day tips.

You’ll be connected to the entire franchise network through our unique social platform – which is ideal for sharing thoughts & ideas, asking questions, posting industry updates, and generally staying informed.