Hear from our franchisees

Meet Anna, owner of We Love Pets Waveney

Mum to two boys, 12 and 15, Anna moved to Norfolk in 2018 following the loss of her husband to suicide 12 months before. She wanted to give the family a new start and did anything and everything she could to keep a roof over their heads including working as a dinner lady at a local school and a stint as a dog boarder and dog walker. Anna is the first to admit: “it wasn’t easy. My Mum was having to buy the kid’s uniforms and things were really tough.”  

In May 2023 she bought the Waveney branch of We Love Pets as a resale territory, which also happened to be the closest to the company’s head office, so hands-on support was in full supply. 

She’s just passed her one year anniversary and she has TRIPLED turnover of her resale territory! 

Meet Gabby and Dave, owner of We Love Pets Cambridge

As luck would have it, We Love Pets founder Jo White and Gabby were university buddies, so they’d chat about the idea of Gabby jumping into a We Love Pets franchise whenever they caught up over the years. So, when Gabby’s children were finally at full-time school, the couple made the leap and say their only regret is that they didn’t do it sooner.   

Gabby’s organisational skills have shone through, while Dave’s been having a blast getting out there, walking dogs, and mingling with potential new clients. They both agree that figuring out their roles in the business was crucial, something Jo had stressed from the get-go. Business has been booming so much that they’ve had to recruit a supervisor to handle the flood of enquiries from new clients. A pretty great “problem” to have! 

Meet Sophie, owner of We Love Pets Eastbourne

At just 22 years old and a We Love Pets franchisee since the age of 19, Sophie is one of our biggest success stories; she simply adores animals and isn’t about to let her age, or anything else, get in the way of building an incredibly successful business. She’s most definitely ‘One to Watch’. 

Sophie says: “For me, starting a franchise was a much safer and more supported route into business than starting out completely on my own. For a start-up fee and then a small ongoing fee, I have received more support, training and resources than I ever would have been able to create by myself.” 

Meet Tasha and Andy, owner of We Love Pets Bury St Edmunds

For Tasha and Andy, two of our more mature franchisees, their intense careers as nurses which included working in surgical theatre, emergency theatre, oncology and palliative care were getting the better of them and they knew it was time for a change. Their decision was fast-forwarded when sitting badly during an interview Tash a slipped disc which meant three weeks on her back, followed by four months of pneumonia; at this point, they knew things couldn’t continue. 

We asked ourselves ‘How can we be this unhappy?’ says Andy. His next question to Tasha was ‘What makes you happy?’ to which she replied, ‘Walking the dog’ and the rest, as they say, is history. 

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