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Behind the Brand: We Love Pets 

In the ever-changing world of franchises, We Love Pets is all about embracing constant innovation. That’s why we’re constantly innovating, upgrading, and using the latest

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Hamster in tunnel

Keeping Hamsters Entertained 

Do you find your hamster escaping and causing mischief? Hamsters are incredibly intelligent, and they need lots of mental stimulation in order to be happy

Bird in a cage

Bird Diets: What to Know

Many people think that birds can eat everything and anything and often assume that they can be used as waste disposal for any snacks we

Dog playing with rope

Danger: Household Items

All pet owners will think about everything that keeps our pets happy and healthy. The perfect food for their needs, lots of walks and exercise,

Cat sitting in a blue and grey crate

Pet Blood Donations – Part One

Transfusion Medicine: Why do we need blood?  It is becoming increasingly common for vets to use blood transfusions when treating specific blood diseases or traumas