We all know pet toys can be rather expensive, the bigger the toy the bigger the price tag on the product. But you don’t actually have to spend all of that money on store brought hamster toys, you can make your own and in fact it can be a lot of fun and also very rewarding making your little hammy their own toys.

Today I shall be leaving you with 4 hamster DIY toys that you can recreate yourself. Enjoy!

The toys 

Homemade chew ball: 

Grab an empty toilet roll and let’s begin with chopping your tube width ways into five equally sized rings, you will only need three of these but by chopping them into five you’re then getting the correct size. Take one of the rings and push it inside the other to make a sphere, do the same with the third ring pushing it inside the other two. Once you have completed this you should be left with a sphere with slight gaps in-between them, you could even fill this toy with delicious treats like meal worms or hamster safe seeds. 

Toilet roll tubes: 

Toilet rolls and kitchen rolls make excellent tubes and chew toys for hamsters, one thing that is very handy is that these are effort free, all you have to do is use up all of the tissue paper on the loo roll and kitchen roll and you can save all the toilet rolls for your little hammy to chew on. 

Cardboard seesaw: 

For this DIY you will need one toilet roll and a sturdy rectangular piece of cardboard and six popsicle sticks. First things first let’s glue the six popsicle sticks onto the rectangular piece of cardboard with equal space in-between to create steps for the ladder. then glue the toilet roll to the bottom of the top piece of the ladder with non-toxic glue, and there you have a fun seesaw for your hamster. 

Egg carton swing: 

For this you shall need a small egg carton that can hold 4 eggs, and hamster safe string. First let’s put four holes into the egg carton one in each of the egg cartons top corner. Then cut the hamster safe string into two separate bits of string, one piece of string will be used to go through two holes we made on the egg carton, push the string through the two holes and knot each side of the string securely at the bottom. Now do the same for the other side, pull both of the strings upwards, now pull both of the string pieces together and tie it to the top of the cage with a smaller piece of string. And there you have your hamster’s own swing! 

We hope you and your hammy enjoy these DIY toys! Upload your photos and tag us in social – @welovepetshq