Happy birthday to MEW! 

Whether it’s a birthday, or an adoption anniversary it is always fun to celebrate something yearly with your cat. But if you want to give more than just a simple bag of treats, a cat celebration cake might be perfect. Though of course this should only be a once in a while treat, definitely not something frequent since the fibre in sweet potatoes can cause stomach upset sometimes. For a celebration, and in small amounts, this kitty cake will be lovely! 


1 tsp plain flour 

2 tbsp sweet potato, mashed 

0.5 tin of tuna in spring water, drained 

1 tbsp small regular potato, mashed 

Stick-shaped cat treat, however many you want to use as “candles” 


  1. Make sure the mashed sweet potato is completely cooled, and as smooth as possible, with no lumpy bits. 
  1. Drain tuna, make sure not to use tuna in oil or brine; spring water is safest. Add half the tuna to a mixing bowl (put the remaining tuna into a container in fridge – you will not need for this recipe), then add the cooled sweet potato mash, and the flour. Mix everything together. 
  1. Watching out for any sharp edges line the empty tuna tin with a bit of cling film. Spoon the mixture into the tin, pressing it down with a smooth top. Put it in the fridge to set for 10 minutes. 
  1. While it is in the fridge, make your “frosting”. Once again make sure your potato is mashed smooth and has been cooled. Add a little water to loosen it up, before spooning into a piping bag. 
  1. Take out the cake and carefully remove from the tin with the cling film. Remove cling film and use the piping bag to pipe on the mashed potato like frosting. 
  1. You can add stick-shaped cat treats to the top like candles, and for an added decoration you can put cat treats on the frosting. 
  1. Serve the cake at room temperature, since cats don’t really like cold snacks. 

This cake isn’t really suited for animals with special dietary requirements, and definitely don’t overdo it with the potato since the fibre can upset tummies. However, for an occasional snack your pet should be happy with this yummy cake.