Woman crouching with a dog

Dog Walking for Mental Health

All dog owners know that walking is essential for a dogs health and wellbeing.

However, it is also very beneficial for us dog owners too! Over the past few years many of us have found ourselves feeling isolated, which has led to an increase of cases of depression and anxiety. Having dogs or any type of pet around us can be a great comfort.

Studies show that kind interaction with our pets, such as cuddling, releases a surge of a hormone called Oxytocin in both owners and pets. This is a happiness hormone resulting in a sense of calm, comfort and focus.

It can be hard to find motivation, especially in the winter months, to get the exercise needed for a healthy wellbeing. Having the responsibility of your pet’s needs is proven to have an extremely positive impact on mental health. We know exercise is important, for us and our pets, which is exactly why owning a dog is so wonderful for people who need more of a push and encouragement to get out there.

Top benefits of walking for mental health;

  • Fresh air
  • Meet new people
  • Exercise
  • Healthier mindset
  • Time to reflect
  • Self care

Walking can greatly improve your health, it can also be a perfect way to meet new people and even better your pup can make friends too! It is important to interact with not just other dogs, but also their owners as this can be a perfect way to create new relationships and build the confidence needed within yourself.

The days are getting colder and darker, this can trigger SAD (Seasonal affective disorder). The dark dreary weather and being stuck indoors has significant repercussions on our mental health. Again, this is exactly why walking your dog, getting some fresh air and meeting new people, is always a fantastic form of self care.

Time to grab that lead and get out there!

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