Day to day we take precautions to ensure that our personal belongings don’t get stolen, we ensure to lock our cars and even place alarms around our houses. But a lot of people don’t take the same precautions when it comes to keeping their pets safe, millions of pets are stolen each year. For this years Pet Theft Awareness Day which falls on February 14th, we are determined to aid you in keeping your furends safe! Let’s go over some crucial ways to prevent pet theft.  


If you are able to microchip your pet, then make sure you do! Since microchipping is crucial to the safe return of a lost pet, an up-to-date microchip also provides proof of ownership. Also make sure to keep all information in the microchip database up to date.  

Up to date licence and registration for your pet

Keep a collar and identification tag on your pet at all times, your pet should also have a current registration tag.  

Leaving your pet tied up in public  

Never leave your pet tied up in any public location, even if you’re just gone for a minute, since a minute is all it takes for your pup to get swiped away. It’s best to stick to pet-friendly shops where your pup will be allowed to accompany you. Or even having a friend or family member with you to look after the dog while you’re inside a shop. 

Secure your fence!

If your pet loves to play outside and lounge in the sun, even with your watchful eye on them. Make sure your fence is secured so you don’t have to worry about your pet escaping, or there being a loose panel for a pet thief to fit through. 

Never leave your pet alone in the car  

You may think locking your car and ensuring the correct conditions for your pet will be enough to keep them safe, thinking that it would be okay if you just popped into your local shop for just a moment, but the truth is that it will only take a moment for your pet to be snatched away from your hands. Always avoid leaving your pet unattended in a car. 

Keep your dog on a leash

Always keep your dog leashed when you are outside your garden, Vary the times and routes of your walks. Potential dognappers will be less likely to learn your schedule. 

What do I do if my pet has been stolen? 

If you believe your pet has been stolen, always make sure to inform your local police and animal control officer. Post fliers of recent pictures of your pet around your area ensuring you have also listed contact information. Posting on social media about the current situation can also be a big help in an effort to find your missing pet. Share recent pictures of your pet to your local newspaper and ask that they please highlight the information.