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Press Release: We Love Training Launch from We Love Pets

We Love Pets launch online training hub for animal lovers

The UK is a nation of pet lovers. With 49% of adults owning a pet in 2019, many want to better understand the needs of their pets, or even turn their love of animals into a career. We Love Training is an online pet care training hub aimed at pet lovers and those working or seeking to work in the pet care industry.

The hub has been created by the founders of award winning pet care franchise, We Love Pets, and offers a range of subjects across a variety of levels, including City and Guilds accredited courses in partnership with Wiltshire College and University Centre (an OFQUAL accredited training provider). Subjects include pet first aid, dog walking, pet sitting and certificates in dog boarding.

CEO Ryan White says, “Pets are like family. We want to give people the chance to access training courses that will help them care for their pets in the best possible way, as well as more advanced courses for those wishing to work in pet care or take the next step up in their pet care career.”

The idea for the We Love Training platform was born after over 10+ years of working in the dog walking and pet sitting industry and seeing a need for better, more accessible education in pet care.

“When you buy into a pet care franchise your training is usually covered, but a lot of people starting out on their own don’t get that privilege. Our courses are affordable, user friendly and will give students the knowledge they need to give pets the best possible care.”

The launch of We Love Training comes after a 2019 report showed that 55% of dog owners relied on past experience to train their dogs and that 12% of dogs have had no training at all. [PDSA 2019 Paw Report]

“People’s lives are getting busier and busier, and it’s clear from the recent report from PDSA that people struggle to get their pets to structured training classes. These online courses are so accessible and can be done at a time and pace that suits you.”

The site can be found at welovetraining.co.uk and courses start at £55.


We Love Training was created by We Love Pets Ltd, founded by Joanne White in 2008. We Love Pets is an award-winning pet care franchise with over 40 local branches across England and Wales. For more information about We Love Pets visit www.we-love-pets.co.uk