Woman walking dog

Regular Dog Walking Can Help Improve a Dog’s Life….. and Yours!

The bond between you and your dog strengthens as you spend more time with them. They see you as someone worth hanging out with as you take them outside of the house and beyond the confines of their home and garden. You are someone worth getting to know because you are fun to be around. Dogs will associate good times with you which is a lovely feeling for any owner when a dog is so happy to see you.

A dog will also start to tune into you as their leader and protector. They will respect you as someone they can trust to keep them safe when in your company outside of their home. This, in turn, builds their confidence when in unfamiliar surroundings.

A dog that gets to run off lead and let off some pent-up energy will ultimately become a tired dog afterwards. This usually equates to becoming a better behaved dog as they have had the chance to charge about and pick up some new scents and generally get to be a dog and do what dogs like to do.

Allowing your dog to take the opportunity to have a sniff about is important for their wellbeing. It is not much of a fun walk for them being dragged around on a short lead and being pulled on every time they want to explore a new scent. How would you feel if you were in the middle of a really good chapter of your book and someone snatched the book away from you? Your dog is ‘reading’ that scent and processing it.

Walking a dog provides them with essential exercise and mental stimulation. If you never left your house and were only allowed to potter around the garden twice a day you would probably go stir crazy after a while. You would also neither be fit or healthy! Prolonged isolation and lack of activity can impair a dog’s health and wellbeing which ultimately could lead to unwanted behavioural problems.

Spending time outside on walks allows a dog to be stimulated by its environment. Exposure to new people, places and other dogs helps keep their minds active and alert. Socialisation and good manners with other dogs can only be gained by experience. It is important dogs get to spend time around other dogs so they can play with their own species and interact with them.

It is amazing how many other dog walkers will stop and have a conversation with you when they are out with their dog. This can improve your own mental wellbeing too. The exercise and downtime are good for you; getting out in the fresh air and away from life’s hustle and bustle.

Modern life is a hectic one and being out with a dog that is enjoying its time with you has to be one of the best stress busters out there!

Where will you go today?

Sophie, Branch Owner Stroud and Tetbury