We Love Pets Milton Keynes Nic crouching next to dog

Welcoming Nic, our new Milton Keynes branch owner!

Nic is joining the We Love Pets family with his new Milton Keynes branch! As usual, we want to welcome him into the network with a We Love Pets interview!

Do you have any pets? What are their names? 

Yes! I have a 15-month-old black Cockapoo named Buddy, with a beautiful white chest and beard! I also love looking after my son’s German Shepherd puppy named Thor, who lives in Cumbria. We lived in Cumbria for 8 years, so I love going back there to visit the lakes. 

I have had lots of pets over the last 35 years! From dogs and cats to fish, guinea pigs and rabbits, including a 19lb French Lop that used to run around the garden and use the cat flap! 

What have you done previously before deciding to start your journey with WLP? 

I’ve done a lot! I travelled the world with the Royal Navy and I was based in Plymouth,Devon which was a change after growing up in the East-end of London. I joined the Police in Dorset in the mid 90s, before transferring to Cumbria and then transferring to Milton Keynes for 10 years to finish my service.  

What are you most excited about with owning a WLP branch? 

Getting out of my comfort zone and pushing myself to try something new. I can’t wait to work with animals every day, giving love and enrichment to the pets as well as helping their owners with caring for their pets.  

I’m looking forward to a change in work and brilliant lifestyle that comes with being your own boss. I can’t wait to get outdoors working with animals every day and see how pets have impacted people’s lives. With expert training, I’ll be able to educate others on pet care, and also learn more about different animals. I already have experience with a number of breeds, including, Border Collies, Terriers, German Shepherds, Heinz 57s… [What?]… That’s what I call Mixed Breed dogs! I’m excited to build on my experience. 

How did you discover WLP? Why did you choose WLP? 

After retirement, I’d been looking for a new challenge. I looked at what I enjoyed doing most, and narrowed it down to a few fields. I knew a franchise would suit me better as I had no previous knowledge in business and I needed something already set up for me. I started looking at franchises and We Love Pets just jumped out at me. It was bold, bright, and exciting! WLP stood out to me because of the welfare ethos and everything the company stands for. I spoke to Ryan on video call and knew it was for me. We discussed the franchise over a glass of wine and he really made me feel it was like joining a family. 

We Love Pets is more than just a business, the mission is brilliant, there’s complete training and education, access to veterinary information, updates, workshops and opportunities to learn about pets. I visited HQ and it just felt right. The workplace was fun, friendly and had such a family feel. 

Do you have any hobbies? 

I love walking with Buddy and my wife, which usually involves a pub lunch! In Cumbria, I loved walking around the lakes with the dogs. We tend to book holidays with the intention of walking with Buddy and eating good food, usually in the UK and France. 

I really enjoy wine and food, trying new things and spending time with the family. 

I love fantasy and Sci-Fi films. I have a particular soft spot for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars! 

Visit Nic’s page to book pet care in Milton Keynes here.