Dog walkers kneeling with dalmatian dog

6 benefits of owning a We Love Pets franchise 

Franchising offers the best of both worlds, running and owning a business plus being part of a large, successful company. As a We Love Pets franchisee, you’ll have the independence of being a director of your own business using a successful model that has been tried and tested several times before.  

Are you thinking of starting a dog walking business? A We Love Pets franchise could be the perfect thing for you to hit the ground running with a successful pet care business.  

Here’s 6 benefits of owning a We Love Pets franchise: 

  1. You’ll be part of a nationally recognised, award-winning brand with an established reputation for trust and reliability. We Love Pets is a household brand that with a strong customer base, great reputation and brilliant online presence. Starting a business alone will take a lot of time, work and money to build that reputation, online presence and customer base that We Love Pets already have.
  1. Launch straight away with pre-approved funding, immediate online presence, a website, marketing, uniform and leaflets. We give you everything you need to hit the ground running with a successful pet care business. When you launch by yourself it can take a lot of time, money and mistakes to get going.  
  1. Brilliant online presence with a website that is constantly updated and maintained. You will have a dedicated webpage edited for great SEO, meaning your customers will be able to find you easily at the top of Google. Your social profiles are set up for you before your launch, along with a blog post and a PR article about your new branch. You will have access to marketing resources, expert content and campaigns.  
  1. You have unlimited financial potential when you own a We Love Pets franchise. Our head office experts provide industry-leading business training to help you get ahead, data insights into financial potential and supported growth goals and targets. When you start a business on your own it can be overwhelming as you try to figure out the financials and how to make enough money.  
  1. You’ll be part of an amazing network of passionate and dedicated franchisees who will be there to support you through your business journey. You’ll never face any challenge alone with our head office team and franchisees by your side.  
  1. You’ll have unlimited training in all aspects of pet care and running a business to set you up for success. With access to courses, resources and expert advice, you’ll be ready for any challenge. If you set up a business alone, it can cost a lot of money to get all of the relevant training courses, and you can regularly feel stuck, not knowing what to do next.  

Do you think a We Love Pets franchise could be perfect for you? Download our brochure here to find out more.