Leanne from We Love Pets Waveney holding dog

6 Franchising Myths Debunked

There are so many myths about franchising that might make you uncertain about joining one, but it really is a good option! We have taken 6 common myths…

  1. Franchises cost too much compared to the costs of starting from scratch franchise fees are usually much better. You receive everything in your costs; location rights, uniform, training, and staff support, which would usually cost so much more! 
  1. You get no freedom– it’s true that you have a business model to follow, but considering that that model has been proven to succeed, is this really a negative? You get to control how your individual branch runs, the company itself only limits things that have a negative effect on the company as a whole. 
  1. Franchises leave no creative rights– You receive a basic framework to work from, however other than that you can get as creative as you want! The way your business runs is completely up to you, maybe you want to have staff get togethers and run fun quizzes on social media, that’s completely up to you! 
  1. The franchisor will run your business for you– you are always in the pilot seat when it comes to your business. You talk to customers, you organise staff, you arrange things for your team, you make the decisions. Franchisors are like ground control, making sure your flight goes well, and keeping an eye on conditions to help you keep everything safe. A franchisor will never take control of your business. 
  1. You must be an expert– franchisors look for “soft skills” like communication, leadership, etc. We Love Pets don’t expect you to know everything about animal care before you join us, we simply look for a passion for animals and the shared ethos that animals should receive amazing care! A franchise is a brilliant opportunity to branch into a new career, with training received when you join, while experience can be useful it’s not essential. 
  1. Franchises leave you no down time– this is true for starting any business. A franchisor will encourage you to build and train a team of people that support the business and can keep it running when you take time for yourself. We Love Pets completely encourages you to take time for yourself, so you don’t become overwhelmed or burned out by work. You manage your own time and can give yourself time for breaks. Franchises are great for fitting in around family and expectations and proving you a great work – life balance.