There are so many pressures in a 9-5 job that can stress you out and make you dread going to work. Excessive workload, having no control over when or where you work, a lack of passion for what you do, physical health problems from constant desk work are all lingering pressures that are built into the 9-5 system.  

All of these things and more can lead to you feeling burnt out. Burnout is a state of chronic physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, the result of prolonged stress. Burnout is often characterised by feeling constantly overwhelmed and finding it difficult to meet the demand of work and personal life mentally. It can lead to a lack of interest in work, life and hobbies you usually enjoy. 

Here’s 8 steps you can take in your life to look after yourself and avoid burnout: 

8 Ways to Avoid Burnout 

  1. Know your limits – understanding what burns you out personally makes it easier to realise when you are approaching your limit and that you should take a break. Organising your tasks, delegating, and taking regular breaks away from your computer will help you avoid burnout. 
  1. Take a break and unplug – an unplugged break from work allows you to completely escape from the issues of work. Put someone else in charge of your tasks and make an out-of-office message which will send should you get a message, email or phone call. 
  1. Schedule free time – make sure that you schedule free time into your calendar just as you would a meeting and make sure you stick to having that as a break. 
  1. Find a hobby – have something you love that occupies your mind away from your job. It’s truly therapeutic to enjoy a hobby, make friends and forget about work. 
  1. Work out – exercise is a brilliant way to boost serotonin levels, improve your mental and physical health and help you improve your daily routine.  
  1. Build a brilliant network – both in and out of your work life. With work, you need a team that are able to stay organised and take on work efficiently when others are off. Build a great circle of friends in your personal life that you can confide in, socialise with and ask for help when you need. 
  1. Sleep – being well-rested can increase your concentration and rational thinking, which makes for more positive interactions and workplace productivity. Sleeping 7 hours or more is also proven to boost your mental and physical health. 
  1. Find purpose in your work – consider what made you want your job in the first place and why or how that has changed since. What did you go to the interview for? What makes you passionate about the job? Do you enjoy going to work? Sometimes you may realise it is time for a change. 

Could a pet care business be the change you need? 

If your 9-5 work life has created a dislike for your job, or your personal life no longer fits in with that routine, it might be time for a change. Owning a We Love Pets branch is a fantastic opportunity to make that change. 

As a franchisee you are your own boss, so you have complete control over your hours and the way you schedule your days. It allows you to take control of your life, giving you freedom and independence.  

Opposed to starting a business yourself, buying a franchise will give you a successful business model that has been tried and tested. You get access to the branding and popularity that comes with the franchise name. 

We will set up your pet care business with you, show you exactly how to run it, and you’ll receive unlimited resources, courses and workshops to help you consistently reach your business goals.  

Having your very own pet care franchise is a refreshing change to the 9-5; there’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors, walking wonderful dogs, being able to fit work around your life, and reaping the rewards for your hard work.  

If you think owning a pet care franchise could be for you, download our brochure here to find out more. 

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