Ryan White and Emily from We Love Pets Tunbridge Wells

Meet Emily – We Love Pets Tunbridge Wells

Emily always knew she wanted to run her own business someday, but she didn’t know where to get started. Tired and frustrated in her hospitality job, she started looking for jobs in animal care. When she found she could combine her entrepreneurial dreams and passion for animals through the We Love Pets franchise opportunity, “it just sounded perfect!”

Why did you choose a franchise over setting up your own business?

Ultimately, because I wouldn’t know where to start on my own! I always wanted to run my own business, but didn’t know how. Then I stumbled across the franchise opportunity and realised “actually, I can do this.” The set up and support from head office and the other franchisees in the network gave me what I needed to begin.

Why did you choose WLP?

Having always wanted to work with animals, I knew that pet care would be the right fit, and I chose We Love Pets because they’re well known and trusted. Plus, from my first call with Ryan, I could feel the enthusiasm and support, which is continuously shown through head office and the rest of the network.

Did you look at any other franchises?

No, not at all. Initially I was just looking for a job that would let me work with animals, but when I found out about We Love Pets and the franchise, I just liked the sound of it – it all sounded perfect.

What did the word ‘franchise’ mean to you before you came across We Love Pets?

I didn’t really know much about franchises, aside from the big ones that came to mind like McDonald’s, Subway, and Costa. I had no idea that a pet care franchise was a thing and was pleasantly surprised to find out that franchising could be applied to smaller businesses. It’s easier to envision ownership with a smaller franchise company, you can see that it’s possible to achieve!

What was your day to day like in your previous role?

I’m still currently working in my ‘previous role,’ as a supervisor in a pub. My day to day can be quite stressful as I’m under a lot of pressure and the hospitality industry is notoriously fast paced. This isn’t a job that I care about very much, so at this point it’s not worth all of the stress. I’m looking forward to cutting my hours gradually and transitioning into the franchise.

What was the final straw for leaving your previous job?

There wasn’t one ‘final straw,’ but the stress of the role really caught up to me and was affecting my physical and mental health. I had unmet needs and knew that eventually I wanted to run my own business, so I decided it was time for a change. I’m already in a better mood knowing that there’s an end in sight!

How long had you been thinking about changing your career?

I couldn’t give an exact time frame, but it’s definitely something I’ve been considering off and on for months. I would occasionally look at different jobs on Indeed when I was feeling frustrated and fed up. Ultimately, I became bored and unhappy so frequently that it prompted the change.

Do you have any pets of your own?

I’ve actually just moved into my first house, so I don’t have any pets of my own at the moment. However, I grew up with lots of pets; two cats, fish, hamsters, and rabbits – it’s safe to say I love animals! I’ve always wanted a dog, and I’m looking forward to getting one in the future.

What do you love most about your area?

That you can enjoy countryside walks and big nearby towns, you get the best of both worlds. For example, I love that there’s a hidden woods right in the middle of Crowborough town filled with blue bells.

What have you done in the past that you think will help you in your new venture?

I think my experience in hospitality has given me a transferable skill set, especially in customer service skills. I have skills in organisation, time management, multitasking, and am well equipped to handle stressful situations – all of which should help me as a business owner.

What hobbies do you have?

Recently I’ve gotten back into taking private dance lessons, which I really enjoy. I just want to learn everything and have fun! I also enjoy doing escape rooms and visiting Go Ape when I can.

Which are your favourite animals?

Well, I love all animals – and especially enjoy going to a farm or a zoo – but I’d have to say cats and dogs are my favourites.

What’s your biggest achievement in life?

That changes a lot! At the moment, I would consider moving into my first home as my biggest achievement, but I think setting up a franchise might end up topping the list. And then, it will probably change again. I like to think that life is a series of significant milestones we experience which lead us to our next ‘biggest achievements.’

What do you think will be the best part of your job as a We Love Pets franchisee owner? Or what are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to being with animals everyday and doing something that I actually care about. I think it will be rewarding to challenge myself and see how much I can accomplish. It will be so nice to wake up and just feel happy!