Meet Nanette – We Love Pets East Grinstead

Welcome Nanette and her Lurcher, Millie, to the We Love Pets family! Nanette has launched We Love Pets East Grinstead.

Why did you choose a franchise over setting up your own business? 

A franchise offers so much support. I have spoken to people over the years who have gone alone and getting customers, the whole insurance side of things, there’s a lot to it – the costs are heavy and the footfall of their services haven’t been enough to make a living. Whereas, coming on as a franchise, you’ve got the skills, qualifications and infrastructure waiting for you. So, I can do what I need to do with building customers, booking pets and meeting their requirements. In addition from a franchise, I get the back up, support, and marketing expertise as well. Having the support that I just wouldn’t alone and already having a credible brand is invaluable.

Did you look at any other franchises and why did you choose WLP? 

Yes, I did research on who else was around. We Love Pets just stood out a mile straight away for me. We Love Pets is so much more than the dog walking, boarding, pet sitting etc. You’ve also got all the educational side of things and also involved in talking to councils about changing legislations for animal welfare, as well as the charity. You just have so much more going on.

What did the word ‘franchise’ mean to you before you came across We Love Pets? 

I did have understand of the word franchising before We Love Pets. Many years ago, I had a role in supporting a manager of a franchise business in the print industry. I learnt all about what franchising was in those days. Witnessing new potentials come in and worked in supporting them getting up and running.

What was your day to day like in your previous role, and why did you decide to switch paths? 

Most recently, I have been working as an employment coach out in the community. I love working with people and helping them find their aspiration and helping them put a plan in place to do what they want to do. The frustrating part was meeting with so many people who wanted to do something, that they couldn’t do. Which for me, was like banging my head against a wall and that’s why I wanted to move away from this. I get very passionate about my work. Ive done this job for over nine years and have just got to the point that I want to put my passion and energy into a new place and run my own dream business.

Do you have any pets of your own?

Nanette currently owns a gorgeous Lurcher called Millie. She adopted Millie from their local rescue centre. Millie is a true sighthound who loves to stop on her walks and just take in the scenery.

What do you love most about your area?

Ashdown forest is one of our favourite walks. This walk has fantastic views which Millie loves to take in. We also love Bramble the Ruins which is a circular walks through woodland and fields.

What hobbies do you have? 

I love to do Yoga and am hoping to find more time in the week for my yoga now that I am running my own business. I have also recently learnt to wind surf! It’s a incredible sensory exposure experience and so different from the day to day life. This has become my therapy and wellbeing go to.

Which are your favourite animals? 

I really love Dolphins, I am a water sign which may explain my wind surfing and love for dolphins. However, for day to day animals it will have to be dogs.

What’s your biggest achievement in life? 

Many years ago, we designed our own home and worked closely with a building project manager to create our wooden, environmentally friendly home in the countryside with our two dogs of the time, a Lurcher and Labrador.

What do you think will be the best part of your job as a We Love Pets franchisee owner and what are you most looking forward to?

It would have to be helping people. I had my first customer call during my training week at head office, with a lady who needed help with the care of her two dogs whilst shes at work during the day. I love interacting and helping people, so being able to provide a service that not only benefits her but also her two dogs is such an rewarding feeling. I am really looking forward to providing that welfare driven and passionate care.