Robyn from We Love Pets Pendle kneeling with two dogs

Meet Robyn – We Love Pets Pendle and Blackburn

‘As soon as I spoke to Ryan I knew we had made the right choice, and we’ve not looked back.’

My husband and I have always talked about running our own business, and having recently got married, and now being financially secure, we feel that the time is right for me to make that leap.’

As a project manager, Robyn knows how to plan and manage any situation, which is why when we received her application form to run her own branch of We Love Pets in Pendle we couldn’t wait to find out more about her.

Managing finances and meeting others high expectations comes as standard in a project management role, which Robyn has held for much of her career.

Now in her mid thirties Robyn has been around animals since her childhood and always knew she’d love to work with them in some capacity one day and what an opportunity she had when she came across the We Love Pets website.

‘I was trawling the internet, looking for inspiration, and to see if we could really do this, or if it would all be too much. I followed other dog walkers on Facebook, I looked at blogs on how to run your own business, and started reading up on all the things that could go wrong! And then I found We Love Pets, and I felt instinctively that this was the right route for me. This would give me the independence and freedom of running my own business, with the invaluable support and knowledge of people who really knew what they were doing!

Animals are a part of my life I can’t remember ever being without, in fact, I am named after our first family dog!

We always had cats (of varying friendliness!), and then once I was old enough to have my own pets my parents got me two mice, which rapidly became many many mice! I started riding lessons when I was 5, and am still horse mad today.

A pet business was an obvious choice for me, as not only do I get to work with animals, I can also use the organisational and management skills I have accrued during my employment history to make it successful.

The way animals make me feel is hard to describe, I want them to have the very best life they can have, and if I can give them a good day by taking them on a fun filled walk, then that gives me a feeling of great happiness.

We’re looking forward to building a community focused business people can rely on and trust us to love and care for their pets as if they were our own. I am always amazed at the personalities that animals have, they are just like people sometimes, and I love getting to know them.’

Robyn will be starting the business off herself with the full support of her husband Paul.

‘Our long term goal is to expand the business by opening a second We Love Pets franchise.’

Running your own business is no easy task, it’s hard work as all our franchise owners will tell you, but you’re in control. You decide when you take a day off, you decide how many hours you work, who you work with and that way of living is something we all deserve.

‘We’re looking forward to having more time together, even with no commute for me in the morning and evening we will already have achieved that and I’m hoping I can convince Paul that we should definitely take in some rescue chickens!

We currently have two terriers Lizzie and Roma, and a wild rabbit that we rescued called Reggie (although she is a girl). Lizzie is 8, Roma is 7, and Reggie will be 2 in March.’

Find out more about Robyn’s new dog walking and pet sitting business covering Pendle and Blackburn.

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