Ruth and Rachel from We Love Pets Woodbridge sitting with dog Woodbridge

Meet Ruth & Rachel – We Love Pets Woodbridge

It’s always super exciting when We Love Pets gets a new branch, and our new Woodbridge branch is no different! We absolutely love getting to know our branch managers before they start, so here are Ruth and Rachel.  

You’re running our We Love Pets Woodbridge branch; what’s Woodbridge like?  

Rachel: It’s lovely, such a pretty and historical place! So much beautiful landscape. Just absolutely beautiful to walk around and admire everything. 

Ruth: There’s always so much to do and to see. Woodbridge is so old and is so historically interesting, you’re always learning something new about the place while walking around and seeing so much. Beautiful. I love walking and hiking so it’s great! 

Do you have any pets? What are their names?  

Rachel: I have a 7-year-old dog named Elsie; she’s lovely! I also have four children, does that count? I always had animals growing up, both cats and dogs. I’ve always loved animals and spending time with them!  

Ruth: I’ve always had pets too, cats and rescue dogs for most of my childhood. Currently have two dogs, a black Labrador and a Jack Russell called Macie and Bea. I’ve always loved having animals around me as well, so I hugely look forward to spending time with them for We Love Pets. 

What have you done before deciding to start your journey with WLP?  

Rachel: I spent 17 years working in primary education as a PE teacher. I love teaching and being active, so We Love Pets is definitely going to be great too. If someone can teach a class of primary kids outside for PE, handling pets will be no work! 

Ruth: I was a PE teacher too! We met at the school we work at and became great friends! I love teaching football and being outside too. Before teaching PE, I was a teaching assistant, and before that, I was a coach. Before all that, though, I was actually a dental nurse! But I wanted a change to something that fits around my family more.  

What are you most excited about having a WLP branch?  

Ruth: Be able to spend more time with my own family more, while also getting the chance to be active and get outside often and having time for myself more often.  Also definitely excited to look after lots of different animals.  

Rachel: Getting the chance to do something for us, working for ourselves, meeting new people and different pets.  

How did you discover WLP?  

Rachel: We were both looking for something that we could do together; we wanted to start something entirely new.  

Ruth: We googled dog walkers near us and started looking up how to start a dog walking business. Knowing we wanted to do something new together was the focus for us. We asked for a brochure, spoke to Ryan, and it went from there really!  

What hobbies do you have?  

Rachel: I love being outside and spending time with my children. We’re both trained in coaching Pilates for kids, which is really popular!  

Ruth: Swimming, Pilates, grandchildren, hiking, going for walks. We both love running and cycling too. Just generally being active and getting outside!