Sam from We Love Pets North Dorset walking dog North Dorset

Meet Sam – We Love Pets North Dorset

We Love Pets have welcomed Sam Spicer to the franchisee family, an amazing mother and animal enthusiast, who is always passionate about everything she does for animals. Sam was a panel member for Dorset County Museum inclusion panel which was looking to making the museum more inclusive, with a sensory room. She is a huge advocate for giving special needs children the same opportunities. Sam is a huge advocate for animal rescue too and wants to increase the education about animal rescue to children in schools, so we are very much looking forward to see what she brings to We Love Pets. 

What have you done previously before deciding to start your journey with WLP? 

I have been interested in dogs since I was a teenager. I met a girl with four German Shepherds with bad behaviour problems, and helped to walk and train them. I started to educate myself on dog behaviour. Studied animal care at college, whole variety of animals, reptiles, owls etc. College put me in a position with managing the animals, and hands on experience. I’ve had lots of work experience in lots of animal related places. Boarding kennels, horse care, carriage driving, working with stallions. 

Then family took over in importance for me. While the boys were growing up, I worked in residential care. I worked my way up to management and gained lots of new experience. I worked there for five years before moving back to animal work in a dog hotel. 

I’m working towards a Level 6 Applied Canine Behavioural Management, and looking forward to learning more with animals with We Love Pets. 

Do you have any pets? What are their names? 

I have two rescue dogs. Mojo, a Border Collie, who had bad anxiety that transformed with me after two months. He has won lots of local shows with me since we got him. And Lily, who is a Labrador/Collie. I then also have Kevin, the Bichon Frise, and a cat called Ginger. 

What are you most excited about with having a WLP branch? 

Getting stuck into dog training and behaviour. I really look forward to watching the business grow, promoting the welfare first pet care that We Love Pets is known for. I want to help educate the nation, particularly my local area on what really works for their pets and how to care for them efficiently. 

How did you discover WLP?

Heard of it through my partner. I was working in a dog hotel, but the welfare side of things didn’t sit right with me there. I thought that there must be better ways to do it, and I wanted to make a change. My partner told me about We Love Pets and said they were great for welfare first pet care. I looked into the policies and the way that the franchises worked. It was so on the same page as me, brilliant for joingin the mission of spreading correct information about pet care, and educating the nation on welfare first pet care. 

What hobbies do you have? 

I’ve always loved being outside, going on hikes, walking with dogs. I love getting days out with my boys, UK holidays and travelling. I’m also super interested in the History of the UK, especially Vikings.