Tash and Andy from We Love Pets Bury St Edmunds crouching with a dalmatian

Meet Tasha & Andy – We Love Pets Bury St Edmunds

Big warm welcome to Tasha and Andy our We Love Pets Bury St Edmunds branch! Both coming from nursing backgrounds, they’re not scared of hard work! “We’ve always wanted to turn our lives around and work with animals, it really is a dream come true” – We are so excited to be part of Tasha and Andy’s new venture, find out more about them below!

What pets do you have? What are their names? 

We have a Dalmatian called Bowie, and a Siamese cat called Elliot, he’s king of the house.  

What have you done previously before deciding to start your journey with WLP? 

Andy was a trauma nurse working in emergency rooms, as you can imagine, an intense job and he has seen many gory situations.  

Tasha was also a nurse in the palliative care sector for hospices. Before that she was a zookeeper and national show jumping groom.  

What are you most excited about with having a WLP branch? 

We’re excited about the new lifestyle it will give us, we can’t wait to work with animals. We look forward to being our own bosses, there will be challenges and stress, but we know it will come with great rewards! We’ve always wanted to turn our lives around and work with animals, it really is a dream come true. We think it will be amazing for our mental and physical health. We will have to regulate ourselves, but we are excited to learn!  

How did you discover WLP? 

Andy googled “dog walker jobs”, as he was looking for a career change. He then come across the We Love Pets website and emailed Ryan (We Love Pets Managing Director) and spoke with him to find out more about We Love Pets. We wanted something that offered variety and support, the We Love Pets business model smashed it out of the park with all of it.  

Interesting facts:

  • Andy and Tasha met on internet dating and have never looked back. Andy tried to kiss Tasha on the first date but Bowie the Dalmatian intervened to stop it!  
  • Tasha has always had German Shepards but fell in love with Dalmatians after she was given one from a friend.  
  • Tasha has lived in Australia in the past
  • Andy always had pointers as a kid, then as an adult has had huskies.  
  • Andy is from Verona, Italy. 


  • Andy loves reading, crime and history books are his favourite. He also loves a good horror movie. 
  • They both enjoy getting outdoors and walking their dog, Bowie. 
  • Tasha is a keen gardener; she plants lots of veggies in her garden.