Investing in a We Love Pets Franchise

What Questions Do You Need to Ask Yourself Before Investing in a We Love Pets Franchise?

With the world returning to the new “normal” with whispers of rising prices, world conflicts and recession, we are indeed living in uncertain times.

With post covid restrictions being lifted the desire to get back to the normal is stronger than ever, we are experiencing new challenges across many industries. According to the PFMA (Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association) Covid-19 pet survey, they confirmed a staggering rise in pet ownership by approximately 2.1 million. This data shows that there is a rise in demand for pet care services which makes investing in the We Love Pets franchise a no brainer!

The past few years have led to uncertainty and stress which can affect your work-life balance which may be an indicator that change is needed.

The burning question that needs to be asked is buying a franchise and starting your own business right for you? This is a question you need to decide for yourself, depending on your circumstances, skills and goals. When buying into the We Love Pets franchisee you will never be alone, with the network of fellow franchisees and head office support staff, starting a new career doesn’t seem so daunting.

What are your goals?

Believe it or not one of the most important steps is to decide if this is something you want. It takes time to evaluate where you see yourself in the next five to ten years and highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Asking yourself difficult questions like why you want to be a business owner? Are extremely important as taking the next steps for the wrong reasons may lead you astray. Having thought about your goals you need to consider if you dreamed of working with animals and being your own boss? Joining the We Love Pets franchise may be the solution you were looking for.

What is your ideal working style and location?

When considering buying a franchise there are multiple things to consider such as what industry sector would you like to go into and what experiences and skills you must back this up with. Another question you need to consider is what type of business you see yourself running, a hands-on business or a more laid-back approach by hiring staff and creating a team. Location is an important detail to consider. There are multiple options to consider and what is right for you and your business, public high-street office, trading estate or a home office.

Buying into a We Love Pets franchise means you have control over where and how you work, it can be from the comfort of home in your pyjamas if you feel like it! One of the reasons We Love Pets franchise is special is that we will work with you to map out an exclusive territory where your branch will operate that is unique to you with rights to trade. During your first year we will cover essential licencing for your territory, a year’s worth of insurance to cover yourself, the pets and the public with branded uniform items and complete social media and webpage set up. Not only will you receive support from our head office team, but training and education package provided in partnership with an OFQUAL accredited organisations providing pet care and business courses to get you started. With paid media and marketing, access to our CRM enquiry system, and internal franchisee documents and support platform, we have you covered. 

Why evaluate your financial situation?

Whenever you start a new venture, funds will need to be available to invest into the business, usually at least 30% of the start-up costs, including working capital. In terms of a loan, major banks and other financial companies are keen to lend to starting franchisees so acquiring the funds should be straightforward. There may be some factors that have to be considered such as credit score, which can influence the bank and financial companies’ decision to lend to you. Research should be done on your own personal finances by reviewing all your outgoings and compiling a report on income and expenses, along with assets and liabilities. This is needed by financial companies and banks when funding has been requested to evaluate your eligibility. One of many of our standout qualities it that We Love Pets work with a government backed lender, BizBritain. BizBritain offer a five-year payment plan to take the stress out of funding the initial fee. This is a massively popular option for new franchisees, and none have been declined.

What support will you have?

To run a successful business, it is recommended to have the support of those closest to you so that you can focus on your business. They don’t necessarily need to be working in the business, but support and encouragement can help keep a positive mental attitude and their recommendations may help to bring in new customers. In our case you will not only have the support of fellow franchisee’s but from our diverse group of head office experts who can help support you and answer any questions you have. Included in the package when buying in to the We Love Pets franchise is not only tech, media and marketing support but also online zoom and team workshops that happen fortnightly with a variety of subjects that we receive queries on, which is a fantastic way to catch up and discuss with the experts that work behind the scenes. We offer unlimited support, advice workshops and resources including our franchisee handbook with all the resources you will need to run your own successful branch.

What knowledge do you have on franchising?

Having knowledge of franchising can be a huge advantage when considering if a franchise is right for you. Depending on what franchising industry sector you go into, the support may vary so having some existing knowledge is priceless. Use the online resources available to you and take online courses to further develop your knowledge before starting on your franchise journey. There are many websites that can provide useful information about franchising, for example, British Franchise Association (BFA), can provide information and access to online courses to aid in development. Franchise exhibitions are a good place to discover more and meet potential fellow franchisees and attend seminars. There is an abundance of useful websites to gain valuable information on franchising, so ensure you do your due diligence.

Once you have decided on an industry and franchise to buy into, it is important to do extensive research on each franchise and what they offer you. We Love Pets helps you step by step to set up your branch with our resources, support, training and much more we will help you hit the ground running. One of the many things we focus on is your development plan, for what to expect in the first thirty, sixty, and ninety days. The aim is to give you a clear plan on what needs to be completed to get up and running in your territories.

These are a few examples of questions that need to be answered and researched before getting started. Beginning a new business venture can be daunting but with the new challenges that arise doing lots of research can be invaluable.

If you are one hundred per cent committed to taking control of your future and taking on the extremely rewarding challenge, then franchising could be your answer.

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