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Happy small business day!

We’re celebrating small business day at We Love Pets. Our amazing branches across the UK are all valued small businesses in their local area, contributing to their communities.  

In the UK, there are 5.5 million businesses considered SMEs (small to medium enterprises), making up 99.2% of all businesses. SMEs are so important to our economy and here’s some facts to show it: 

  • SMEs account for three-fifths of employment and around half of the turnover in the UK private sector. 
  • Recent employment statistics show SMEs employ 12.9 million people (52% of total employment). 
  • Recent turnover for SMEs is estimated at £1.6 trillion (48% of total in the UK). 
  • The Franchise Industry contributes £15 billion to the UK economy – an increase of 46% over the past 10 years 

So, what is a franchise? And why is it considered a small to medium business? A franchise is a business template or framework that a company sets up for smaller branches to follow and adopt. A franchisor licenses its industry knowledge, procedures, intellectual property, business models, branding and more to a franchisee. This allows them to benefit from running a company attached to an established brand, consumer loyalty and a proven business concept.  

So, even though We Love Pets is a nationally known brand, our branches are individually owned by our amazing franchisees in their local areas; hence our catchphrase “nationally known, locally owned”. Each of our branches is a small business which uses the We Love Pets brand, expert knowledge, training and successful business model to thrive and grow.  

While We Love Pets is made up of entirely separate businesses, we are all united under one common goal: to provide excellent welfare-first pet care across the UK. This mission is at the heart of We Love Pets and guides everything we do. Since small businesses contribute massively to total employment and turnover numbers, it’s so important to support your local businesses as much as you can. You will be supporting your local community and economy. By supporting small, you’re also more likely to receive a better, more personal service from a company that knows and lives in your local community. 

Supporting a local small business is hugely rewarding but owning one is too. Have you ever thought about running your own pet care franchise?  

Despite the current challenges in the world right now, the pet care market is booming! Nearly 50% of UK households now own pets, and everyone is looking for welfare-first pet care.  

Running your own We Love Pets branch puts you in control over your schedule and your success. Your hard work is rewarded to you directly, rather than going to your boss. Owning a small business also allows you to give back to your community by creating jobs, opportunities and commerce where you live. You will have the power to build a like-minded team of people who are passionate about what they do. Our successful business model, amazing network and expert support team will show you exactly how to run a thriving We Love Pets branch.  

There are so many benefits to owning a small business beyond simply earning money and supporting the local economy. Hear from our franchisees in the below video as they tell us what they love about running their branch.