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8 Best Questions to Ask a Potential Franchisor

As the UK franchise industry continues to grow, more and more franchise opportunities are becoming available. And since each franchise company has a unique model and business approach, it’s important to do your thorough research to choose the right one! Use these eight questions when speaking with franchisors to find out what their franchise can offer you.

1. How big would my franchise territory be?

Our areas include a whopping 30,000 households as a minimum.

We use industry leading mapping software to ensure each franchisee gets an area which offers lots of opportunity for growth. We have the best tools with the latest boundaries and demographics to set you on the path to success in each area.

We can even amend your area to ensure you’re covering your favourite towns and villages.

2. Do you have a payment plan so can I spread the cost of my franchise?

You can spread your franchise fee over five years, with funding from a government approved lender.

You can borrow more than the franchise fee to provide you with some working capital and any other expenses you may wish to cover, for example, purchasing a new vehicle.

25 of our franchisees have obtained funding for their franchise and are running successful branches. We have had a 100% approval rate.

3. How much of our franchise fee do you invest in the business to make it better?

Your franchise fee in invested into the business to make continuous improvement.

If you stand still, you get left behind.

We are the only pet franchisor to invest in

AI to ensure franchisees have 24-hour support and access to all the resources they need 7 days a week.

  • CRM (customer relationship management) system which is supercharged with automations and integrations to convert and retain more customers faster and provide a proactive service to happy customers.
  • Our own suite of pet and business training courses (including Ofqual approved courses).
  • Franchise wellbeing officer
  • Social media manager
  • Solicitor
  • Vet Nurse
  • Business experts including Jo White (BA Hons Business and PgDip Law).
  • A CIO, who is leading the way with innovation, AI and technology which sets We Love Pets apart.
  • Premium pet food range for you to earn money from

4. Do you offer any training beyond the first week?

The best business owners NEVER stop learning.

We are the only pet care franchise with our own training courses, designed and led by one of the UK’s top animal care lecturers, Adam Harper. All franchisees and their team have unlimited access to our suite of online courses – from Ofqual qualifications in boarding to help to obtain higher standards, to animal nutrition and dog behaviour, all franchisees and staff can progress and upskill into pet care experts throughout their journey with We Love Pets.

Developing own Ofqual qualifications – essential for higher standards in licensing.

We’re the only pet care franchise to develop our own Ofqual qualifications with our Learning Manager Adam Harper PhD, with our own learning management system.

5. Should I go with a cheaper pet care franchise?

You could but by choosing a franchise like WLP you get a whole support team behind you, every step of the way.

Cheaper franchises can’t afford to reinvest in their business so you may not be getting the best return, investment, or support. They may only have a one or two people on their head office support team. What happens when you have a business or legal question, or if you want business advice?

Check whether they’re a member of the British Franchise Association. If you are considering a franchise that isn’t a member of the BFA you need to be aware that an independent body hasn’t checked how viable, ethical, or sustainable the business model is.

Are they giving you accurate earning figures? There are a lot of unethical franchises out there who fabricate potential earnings, and because they’re not members of the BFA they’re not regulated or checked.

Check where they come in google searches (we appear on the first page).

What is their social media reach like (we have a dedicated social media manager to build the brand in your area).

Are they a strong brand, or do they have unprofessional animated logos and a poor website (decent websites need continuous investment).

Ask how many people they have in their support team (we have two support managers, wellbeing officer, a CIO, business experts, solicitor, social media manager, vet nurse, leading animal care lecturer, dog trainers, dog behaviourist).

6. Are you a member of any official bodies or associations?

We are a full member of the British Franchise Association

We are one of the only three pet care franchises who are full members of the BFA, which is the highest accolade in franchising in the UK.

The BFA only accredits viable, ethical and sustainable franchise companies.

Pip Wilkins, CEO of the bfa says:

“A vital element of any franchise is the training and support that the franchisor gives. This is not to just get the local franchisee up and running but exists throughout the term of the relationship. This ensures that franchisees are comprehensively trained and supported, not only to deliver the service, but to deliver that service in accordance with the franchisors established procedures and know-how. After all, franchising is a partnership, with franchisor, franchisee and staff all equally committed to protecting the brand standards of the network”

We are a founding member of Pet Care Franchise Association.

We Love Pets are founding members of the Pet Care Franchise Association (PCFA). Their mission is to improve animal welfare standards in the pet care industry. Membership is only open to franchisors with over 20 branches, BFa members and

In 2019 the UK’s largest pet care franchise companies met to discuss animal welfare concerns. From those discussions the PCFA was formed, with a shared vision of raising the standard of animal welfare across the pet care industry.

Together they represent in the region of 227 franchisees, 4,200 staff and 91,000 customers across the UK.

7. Do you offer any pastoral or wellbeing support?

Dedicated wellbeing officer

We are the only pet care franchise to have a dedicated franchisee wellbeing officer to ensure franchisees are working towards a great work-life balance, resilience, and positive mindsets. This includes virtual coffee mornings, video calls and counselling sessions.

8. Do you offer any additional support?

Optional social media package

To save franchisees time and headaches!

The social plan includes.

  • Saving time! Concentrate on the everyday tasks you enjoy and leave social media to our friendly, trained, and professional team.
  • We can keep your social media active and engaging with our articles, posts, and unique video content.
  • One to ones on how your personal account is doing and ways you can improve and build your audience.
  • Access to unique infographic bundle which we’ll update regularly with usable content.
  • We search for relevant articles, news, trends, and information. Keeping one step ahead of the competition.
  • We put time and thought into all our posts and encourage customer engagement interaction and use personalised hashtags to spread the word to your local area!
  • You’ll be added to the WLP franchisee social workplace group where we talk about unique tips, tricks, and trends.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone.”