Dog laying in front of Christmas lights

10 Great Christmas present ideas for your dog

Dogs, by nature, are happiest when they feel they belong and Christmas can be a time when they may feel left out. Everyone else in the family is unwrapping presents and having a great time and it can appear that they have been forgotten. Even a small treat can re-establish their place as a loved one.

At We Love Pets we always advise owners not to forget a present for their dog to enjoy at Christmas. Here are 10 ideas that caught our eye as being both fun and practical that will bring pleasure for any owner and their best friend too.

  1. The Foobler

Foobler is the world’s first electronic timed treat puzzle feeder and can be used all year round as a stimulating treat puzzle or interactive feeder to improve your dog’s activity and health. ‘Foobler’ can be set to dispense one of its six treat compartments at 15, 30, 60 or 90 minute intervals. At the designated interval a bell chime alerts the dog a treat pod is available and it’s time to play! Follow the link for more information: http://companyofanimals.co.uk/brands/foobler

2. Personalised Dog Treat Jar

This delightful dog’s treat jar is made from the finest bone china and hand painted with a fun and colourful bones and paws design. Your dog will soon recognise it as being the home of their favourite treats. Designed to keep food products fresher for longer, it’s large enough to store plenty of tasty morsels and can also be personalised with your own message. For more information visit: http://www.petspyjamas.com/product/personalised-treat-jar-simple-and-stylish-range/PGP-00011/

  1. Lily’s Kitchen Advent Luxury Calendar 

All children love an advent calendar and here is one for your dog. With a whimsical design and a tasty, hand-baked treat awaiting behind every window, December mornings will be as exciting for your dog as they are for the rest of the family! All 24 treats are naturally low in fat, free from artificial additives and preservatives – so they’re healthy too.

More details at: https://www.lilyskitchen.co.uk/products/dog/dog-treats/item/advent-calendar

  1. Lily’s Kitchen Christmas Treats Gift Bag

This Christmas Treats Gift Bag for Dogs is just the thing to get your pooch into the festive spirit! They’ll love sniffing out this delightful gift bag under the tree on Christmas morning and discovering the delicious goodies inside. To make sure your beloved friend can join in with the family feasting, we’ve included our Christmas Three Bird Feast, made with real, fresh turkey, duck and goose. And there’s a cracker too, filled with scrumptious treats laced with seasonal spice – perfect for nibbling later by the fireside.

Visit: https://www.lilyskitchen.co.uk/products/christmas/christmas-shop-for-dogs/item/christmas-treats-gift-bag-for-dogs for more information.

  1. Pet Tipi 

Give your pet a unique, cosy and fun place to fall asleep. The tipi should fit easily over your pet’s bed or blanket so they have a snug little den and is the ideal gift for the stylish pet owner, who wants to give their best four legged friend a unique little home to call their own. It is available in a range of designs and is ideal for small dogs. It is also available for cats too.

More information at: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/puptarthandmade/product/cat-and-dog-tipi-black-and-white-stripe?

  1. Hiking Back Pack for Adventurous Dogs

If you are the outdoor type and like to take your dog with you, here is a cracking idea that makes them part of the fun.  The Approach Pack is ideal for day hikes or overnight adventures and can carry essential supplies should you become separated. We would recommend that your dog carry no more than 25% of their body weight in their dog pack and if your dog is new to dog packs, start with a light load and work up to a heavier load as your dog gets accustomed to wearing the pack. For more information visit; https://ruffwear.com/products/approach-pack

  1. Nina Ottoson’s Board Game for Dogs 

This tricky and fun fine motor skills game is great for dogs who can handle small parts and will keep your dog entertained for hours.  You can use one game by itself, or put together several games to create the ultimate game at the level that your dog needs. It is available in 4 difficulty levels: 1 easy, 2 medium & 3 advanced and 4 very advanced by combining several different games together. See http://www.nina-ottosson.com/products/all-products/mixmax-puzzle-c-level-3.html for more details.

8. Dog Activity Strategy Tower

Test your pooch not only physically but mentally too, with this TRIXIE Activity Strategy Tower. By using Dog Activity Strategy Games you can challenge your furry friend over and over again and strengthen the bond with your pooch. This TRIXIE Dog Activity Strategy Tower is a strategy game with a level 1 difficulty and is therefore suitable for beginners of all ages. The game consists of a Tower with three cones where small treats are placed and with some practice it is possible for your dog to pull the trays by using the loops to receive their reward.

The game is made of durable plastic, is dishwasher-safe and has non-slip rubber feet for a safe stand. For more information visit; http://www.petsathome.com/shop/en/pets/dog/dog/dog-toys/trixie-dog-activity-gambling-tower-%28web-exclusive%29?pageSize=45#

  1. KONG Wobbler Snack Ball

The Wobbler is a fabulous toy for playtime, providing challenge and physical activity for your dog and the whole family can enjoy watching the fun. It’s also a great tool for keeping your dog entertained if you have to leave them on their own as with the Wobbler, time will pass rapidly. It is an excellent alternative to the traditional food bowl too, extending the joy of feeding time and preventing unhealthy gulping. Ideal for dogs that have to lose weight or only exercise reluctantly! Visit http://www.zooplus.co.uk/shop/dogs/dog_toys_dog_training/kongs/kong/488667 who have a special offer including free mini-bones.

  1. Surprise Toy and Treat Hamper

The surprise 5 item toy and treat hamper for dogs features five random items from our pet presents stock of toys and treats and is presented in one of our quirky pet present boxes, ideal for keeping all your pet’s treats safe and tidy. See details at: https://pet-presents.co.uk/product/5-items-toy-treathamper/

Remember that our professional pet care teams are available to guide you if you are unsure of the suitability of a gift you are thinking of purchasing for your pet, we are always here to help.