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5 Essential Items to Bring on a Dog Walk

If you’ve come across a We Love Pets dog walker, you might have noticed their handy-dandy bum bag, packed full of walking essentials! Our professionally trained dog walkers always come prepared, and these are the five must haves that they recommend bringing on any dog walk:

What’s in the bag?

dog walker bum bag

Our 5 must haves:

  1. A spare lead: Keeping an extra lead is always a good idea, for those “just in case” scenarios. If your lead happens to break, or you come across a lost dog off lead, having a spare can save you from tricky situations!
  2. Poo bags: An absolute must! It is our responsibility as owners and walkers to clean up after our dogs, as well as to keep public parks and trails tidy for others. Make sure you have a whole bunch in your pack.
  3. Hand gel: Keep some hand gel for sanitising your hands after picking up poo or interacting with multiple dogs. Keeping your hands clean will help protect against possible infection and illness for both you and the dogs in your care!
  4. Water, and a collapsible dog bowl: Hydration is just as important for our pups as it is for us. Always have fresh, clean water on hand – especially on warm days and long walks!
  5. First aid kit: Carrying a pocket-sized kit ensures that you’re prepared for any situation. Although we make walks as safe as possible, and hope nothing will happen to our dogs, sometimes bumps and scrapes occur! Our We Love Pets dog walkers are trained in pet first aid so that they can accurately assess injuries and provide a first line of action. If you’re not sure how to treat an injury or wound, it’s always best practice to get your dog to a veterinarian as soon as possible!

These are all essentials when it comes to dog walking, however, there are also other items that you can bring on your dog walks to make it fun and safe.

Extras! What else to bring

dog walker essentials
  1. Toys: Keep your dog active with tennis balls, frisbees, chew toys or tugging ropes! Bringing along some toys can make your walk more enjoyable for both parties.
  2. Treats: Bring a handful of yummy treats to reward your pup for their good behaviour, or just generally to spoil them. Using treats that are delicious, and healthy, make it a win-win situation! Try our line of functional treats from We Love Nutrition.
  3. Torch or headlamp: Getting out for an early morning walk? As the sun starts setting earlier and rising later, it’s a good idea to keep a torch or headlamp on your person. Not only can it help you see in dark areas, but it will alert others to your presence – keeping you and your dog safe!
  4. Towel: Have a towel in the boot of your car for wiping down muddy paws and wet fur before heading home, you’ll be glad to keep your car and entryway mess-free!

Our We Love Pets dog walkers

Our teams of local dog walkers are police checked and fully insured, as well as trained and prepared with all of the essentials needed when it comes to walking your dog. We’re just a bunch of animal lovers who enjoy getting outdoors for a dog walk, and pride ourselves on providing an excellent service! As part of our We Love Pets No Pack Walk Policy, we’ll never walk more than four dogs at any time, ideally only walking in pairs or groups of three. We believe in putting pet welfare first, and large packs can be stressful and dangerous for dogs. Limiting our numbers allows us to make our walks fun, safe, and tailored to your pup’s unique needs!

If you’re looking for a dog walker, boarder, or pet sitter, We Love Pets is happy to help. Find your local branch here and get in touch today.