Small dog running in field

7 Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your dog

Your dog thinks the world of you, so wouldn’t it be nice to treat them to something extra special this Valentine’s Day? With so many of us already buying our pooches Valentine’s Day gifts – 61% of Brits are expected to this year – it’s not much of a stretch further to show your dog how much you care and take them on a date! Whether you’ve got plans with a human partner or not, here’s some great ideas on how to spend more quality time with your doggy companion on Valentine’s Day.

1. Pet pampering

Give your dog a little pampering session and spend some time grooming them – even if they are a shorthair breed. They will enjoy the feeling of closeness with you. Try giving your dog a massage to help them relax and feel comfortable, especially if they are a little more mature. You could also take them to your local grooming parlour for a Valentine’s Day makeover! Either way, pampering your pooch is a great way to show your love for them.

2. Lunch together at a cafe

Take your dog out for an extra walk and then round off the trip at a local dog friendly café. Dog friendly cafes are more widespread than ever and this is a great way to treat your dog to a special day out. Not sure where your nearest dog friendly café is? Try websites such as Dog Friendly and Dog Friendly Britain to see if there are any cafés listed near you.

3. Organise a play date

Does your dog have a best friend, or do you have any friends who own dogs? Why not arrange for them to go on a play date in the park! If the dogs do not already know each other, we recommend choosing a play mate who is close in age and size so that one dog does not get overwhelmed. Meet in a neutral area and bring a bowl of water and some toys that they will enjoy playing together.

4. Go on an adventure walk

Take your dog out for some quality time together this Valentine’s Day and allow the day or an afternoon to explore some local trails and hikes. You could take a trail that you’ve not followed before and let your dog sniff and explore – this is great for their mental stimulation! Maybe your dog has a favourite trail or spot that you haven’t been to in a little while like the beach or woods? Take a picnic and enjoy the day with your pooch!

5. Treat them to a photoshoot

There’s nothing quite like seeing amazing photos of your pets – whether perfectly posed or caught in a moment of fun! Why not look up some local animal photographers and book in an hour or two to get some professional photos taken? Not only does this give you an opportunity to have quality photos of yourself taken with your dog (and not being the one holding the camera!), but it also makes for a great keepsake and treasured memories together. You can even make the photoshoot themed around Valentine’s Day and bring some fun props!

6. Make dog treats

Good cook or not-so-good cook, homemade dog treats will always go down well are a lovely way to show how much you care. There are hundreds of recipes freely available online for you to have a go at this Valentine’s Day for your dog. Here’s a list of easy recipes that you can make at home covering a range of options, from grain free to diabetic.

7. Enjoy a splurge together

Take your pet for a shopping date to a local pet shop and let them pick out a new toy! No doubt they will have a lot of fun choosing and will continue to enjoy it long after Valentine’s Day.