Dog playing with water

Best paddling pools for dogs

Paddling pools are the perfect solution to cooling your dog down. Most paddling pools are inflatable, and combined with sharp claws, they are likely to burst. There are plenty of paddling pools that are more dog friendly and should last all summer and more.

Coco Jojo pop up paddling pool


This paddling is available from Pets at Home and is designed specifically for dogs. It comes in a small and medium size depending on the breed of your dog and folds up to under 5cm making it easy to take with you. Its design features include anti-slip fabric, water tight drainage tap, mesh pocket and a lead retainer.

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Doggy Paddling Pool


This paddling pool comes in small, medium and large and also has the option to add a cover so it can be left outdoors. It has a ribbed surface to prevent slipping, a drainage hole and folds up to a small size. One of the best features of this pool is that it can be assembled into a circle as shown in the image but it can also be adjusted to fit the surroundings such as corners.

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Anti-slip Splash Pool


Whilst this is a more expensive option, the plastic makes it easy to clean and is very durable. It also comes in a small and large size.

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