The Border Collie is a popular breed within the world of dogs, known for their extremely impressive work ethic and spontaneous sporting abilities there is no wonder as to why this breed is so popular.

With instinctive herding techniques and incredible ability to learn and impress this also makes this breed an amazing companion for farmers and sport like individuals.

The history of the Border Collie:

The Border Collie origins come from Scotland specifically the border between Scotland and England, hence the name “Border”.

Their history consists of herding sheep, due to them being incredibly fit and having incredible stamina, they would use this to their advantage when herding as they knew within time the sheep’s they were herding would tire and therefore making the herding of the sheep easier.

They would also use techniques such as look on eye contact, this would be a way to intimidate the flock of sheep they were herding, Collies hold eye contact very impressively as its key for their working and learning life.

What makes collies such good pets:

While not a smart choice for people who are looking for a more laid-back dog, Collies would be an immensely great addition to any active owner or family, while being workaholics the Collie does like to find time in their day to snuggle up with you and show the affectionate side to them – they will rest on your lap or cuddle up with you, this mainly occurs after a long tiring day, with lots of adventures and mental stimulation.

If you’re willing to be an out there and adventurous owner this will only bring out the best of your Collie, as like people they loved to feel involved in everything you do, from walking to running and biking… they just love company and they love to keep their curiosity on the go.

Potential health complications:

Though they live a life span of around 10-17 years, Collies can face a handful of health problems if not regularly checked at the vets. More common health conditions in Collies include;

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Sensory neuropathy
  • Medication resistance
  • Trapped neutrophil syndrome
  • Collie eye anomaly

Though faced with these potential health complications, a well looked after and exercised collie should be just fine, alongside regular vet check-ups to prevent any complications.

We spoke to Border Collie owner, Rio, and he gave us a small list of his pros and cons of owning his Collie, Ollie, who’s is just over a year old

Very affectionateSheds
Active & loves to be adventurousObsessive behaviours
PlayfulAccidental herding of new visitors
Great personalityUnsociable (Prefers to remain with family)

Overall, Border Collies will best suit their best suiters in terms of someone being able to give them an active and adventurous day to day life, though a complex breed there’s way more positives within them and they will sure become a loved member of any suitable family or owner.