Woman holding a cat on it's back and cat sat on the arm of the couch

Cat Sitting vs Catteries

Usually, your cat will be happiest and most confident in his own home. Like any pet, your cat can feel abandoned when left by their owner especially if they have never experienced this before. Your cat has no idea if and when you will return which can prove quite stressful for them. Keeping their territory and being looked after in their own home is the best solution for most cats. But what other benefits does cat sitting have?

  • Stay at home in their safe and secure environment.
  • Surrounded by familiar sounds, smells and sights.
  • Regular diet and exercise routine.
  • No stress from transportation (the RSPCA advises pet owners to leave pets at home rather than transporting them, as they find the travel stressful).
  • No exposure to kennel/cattery diseases, other animals, fleas, ticks, parasites and disease.
  • No stress of being in close proximity to strange animals. Many animals are territorial, or solitary, and being near other animals or strange places is stressful.
  • Will love having playtime and attention from the pet sitter.
  • Medical treatment will be maintained, if required.
  • Having someone responsible on hand in case of an emergency.
  • Our pet sitters have a vet nurse and pet care expert on hand.
  • Reassurance that your house is not unattended whilst you’re away.

These are all ways in which you can ensure your cat is receiving the best care so you can feel totally care-free while you’re away. Our experienced staff members are used to all kinds of pet personalities; aloof, stroppy, pouting, swiping – we’ve seen them all and love them all equally. We Love Pets are also happy to send you regular pet updates throughout their time with us.