Puppy wearing a Christmas hat

Christmas Gift Guide for Your Pets

Many of us love to be able to include our pets in the Christmas festivities. It is a time of giving and, as our pets are members of our family, we enjoy being able to gift them something as well!

Gifting may be something as simple as preparing your pet’s own special Christmas dinner, or you might be inclined to put together a Christmas pet stocking full of their favourite treats – perhaps a supply of tennis balls?

When it comes to picking gifts, most of us are familiar with big brand pet stores but, this year we suggest having a look at your local small pet store businesses or online small businesses (we’ve listed some below!), which also have a great selection to choose from. We think it’s important, this year more than ever, to invest back into our communities!

For your tail-wagging best friend, here are some of our favourite gift suggestions:

Dog Gift Ideas

  • Dog Advent Calendar
  • Fillable, personalised clear Christmas tree bauble. Treats can be put inside – maybe it’s best hung higher on the tree so that your dog can’t sniff it out on the tree!
  • Personalised Treat Jar or Tin
  • Personalised Water or Food Bowl
  • Orthopaedic Memory Foam Dog Bed and/or Vetbed bedding (especially suitable for furry senior citizens)
  • Dog-drying Coat – really helpful for use after a wet walk or hydrotherapy session
  • Hi-Viz Waterproof Coat
  • Dog Chew Brush (be sure to choose a food-grade, non-toxic, natural rubber option)
  • Luxury Leather Collars and Leads
  • Sofa throws for dogs, cosy for them and protects your settee!
  • Dog Drying Mitts for wet legs and paws
  • Dog Bed Covers
  • Back-seat Safety Belt System with Transport Box Bed
  • Pick ‘n’ Mix Dog Treat Bags (we love these treats from We Love Nutrition)
  • Home-made Christmas Themed Dog Biscuits
  • Donation to a local Dog’s Rescue Home
  • Kong Toy to fill with treats: peanut butter is always a hit, as are these treats!

Shop these small dog business shop websites:




For the luxury end:


These unique gifts will keep your cat feline fine:

Cat Gift Ideas

  • Cat Advent Calendar
  • Fillable, personalised clear Christmas tree bauble with their favourite treats inside! (We recommend these treats from We Love Nutrition)
  • Personalised Treat jar or tin
  • Personalised Water or food bowl
  • Multi-level Scratching Post
  • Feline Indoor Tree House
  • Radiator Hanging Sheepskin Bed – so they stay warm and cosy all Winter long!
  • Bespoke Cat Furniture
  • Remote-control Cat Toy, to keep them entertained on those long work-from-home days
  • Drinking Fountain
  • Laser Mouse
  • Cat Nip Grass Planter
  • Designer Collars

Shop these cat specific small business shop websites:


Check out these ideas to give your pets a very hoppy Christmas:

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Gift Ideas

  • Foraging and Chew Toys
  • Personalised Food Bowls and Water Bottles
  • Personalised Name Sign for enclosure
  • Rabbit Lap Protector – perfect for cuddling close with your bunny friend
  • Bespoke Rabbit Castle
  • Bespoke Hay Feeder

Shop these lovely rabbit and guinea pig small business shop websites:

www.bunnycraftdesigns.co.uk (all natural wooden small animal supplies)
www.kraftycreature.com (quality, unique wooden pet products)

Exotics Gift Ideas

For reptiles, new tank decorations (climbing rocks, branches, or hidey holes)
Splash out and upgrade to a bigger tank to give your pet more space!

Shop here for more ideas:


Whatever you decide to do, sometimes all it takes is the simplest of gestures to make your pet happy. There are probably many dogs, and cats for that matter, that simply love ripping layers and layers of Christmas wrapping paper off an old cardboard box. To make it even more fun for them, how about hiding a gravy bone or Dreamie in-between the layers? Those noses are sure to seek it out!

We hope these ideas help you pick the paw-fect gift for your furry loved ones – happy shopping!