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Christmas Gifts for Reptile Owners

Buying Christmas gifts for friends and family can be pretty tricky, why not go back to the basics and think of what they love and enjoy – their pets! Buying gifts for dog and cat owners tends to be pretty easy with toys and themed blankets and bottles, but what about reptile owners?

There so many brilliant presents you could gift to your reptile fanatic friend, why not a cuddly chameleon plushie? Or maybe your friend needs a new water dish for their bearded dragon? These are just a couple of ideas off the top of my head, let’s get into my top 10 ideas…

Top 10 Christmas gifts for reptile owners! 

Reptile adult colouring book – 

This is a brilliant gift idea if your reptile lover is also quite artsy! There is nothing better than watching your favourite tv show, drinking your preferred beverage and colouring between the lines of a relaxing adult colouring book. 

Reptile printed clothing

Everyone loves a good cosy t-shirt/hoody and what better than to get your reptile loving friend a reptile printed t-shirt/hoody, you could even arrange to have this printed personalised with a photo of your friends reptile – they’ll love it!

Homemade gifts 

There is nothing more meaningful than a homemade gift, and there are so many gifts you could create yourself. You could make a bracelet and include some reptile charms, create a little homemade hammock for your friends reptile friend. If you have a truly artistic side you could create a beautiful drawing or painting of their beloved reptile (even if you aren’t artist this could still be a meaningful and perhaps funny gift – thought that counts eh?).  


Why not purchase a beautiful pair of gecko earrings, or even a beautiful ring that stars a reptile wrapped around the finger or a pretty necklace. If you do some online searching you will find some beautiful reptile themed jewellery.

Colour changing mug 

Have you seen those mugs that change the outside image once the mugs temperature changes?Your friend will be surprised to see their reptile appearing on their new colour changing mug as they pour their cuppa.  

Reptile reading 

Does the person you’re buying for love reading? There are so many great books out there for every type of reptile lover packed with facts and information. More of a fiction fan? You can also find lots of fiction books involving reptiles, including Dr Seuss Yertle the Turtle.

Professional reptile drawing 

There is nothing sweeter than gifting a professional drawing of your friend’s reptile, it is a wonderful gift they are sure to cherish and enjoy and to even hang up on their wall for others to view. 

Cuddly reptile printed cushion  

Cushions, everyone loves them! How can you not they’re cuddly and come in many different textures from silk to fluffy and many more! Your friend is sure to love you even more if you buy them a cuddly reptile cushion.  

Reptile calendar 

Calendars are very essential to keep yourself and your life organised! Gifting a cute reptile calendar would be a smashing gift, your friend would look forward to flipping the calendar to the next month in excitement just to see what reptile they can gaze upon next. You can also make your friend a personalised calendar using a different photo of their own reptile for each month!  

Tote bag 

Why not gift your friend a pretty tote bag for Christmas! There are many beautiful prints available on tote bags from glamorous chameleons to cute bearded dragons to even sweet little quotes, you can even get personalised tote bags.