Dog sleeping on a couch

Dog Boarding vs Kennels

Almost every dog owner we deal with at We Love Pets finds it very difficult to be parted from their best friend, even for a few days. If they are going on holiday, they usually look for places in Britain so they can take their dog with them. They also focus on accommodation that allows dogs which, whilst the numbers are increasing, can still limit their choice and sometimes where in the country they can go.

Sometimes of course you don’t have a choice. What do you do if you are going to a wedding or celebration abroad, have to go and look after a relative where the accommodation isn’t suitable for dogs or if you have to go to hospital for a few days?

At We Love Pets we have come to the rescue of dog owners who have faced all of these, and many other dilemmas, with our excellent dog boarding service. Here are some of our top reasons why you should choose dog boarding over kennels.

Home From Home

Your dog will be comfortable in their own surroundings and suddenly being thrust into the totally alien world of a kennels can have quite a disturbing effect. Instead of being able to roam about their kingdom, they are often cooped up for hours with nothing to entertain them or take their mind off the fact that they feel abandoned. With boarding however, they will be going into a very similar environment at the boarder’s home, where there will be plenty going on to overcome the sense of loss a dog may feel when separated from their owner.

A Warm and Comfortable Place

Dogs like all the rest of us get used to creature comforts – perhaps a favourite cushion or place by the radiator. Imagine their dismay when they are shoved into a pen with no comfy bed or sofa in sight! Not only that but they will most likely be outside with often only cold concrete and something hard to sleep on instead of a nice soft carpet and their own bed. How they will appreciate going somewhere that is cosy, comfortable and similar to what they are familiar with.

Peace and Quiet

Strangely for an animal that can make quite a lot of noise, dogs really appreciate some peace and quiet which is something they are not going to get in a kennels with 10 or more dogs continuously barking. Professional boarders understand the need for ‘doggy me-time’ where they can just relax without the constant distraction of other dogs.

Creatures of Habit

Dogs love routine, it helps them cope with the human world. Rather than forcing your pet to accept whatever regime the kennel has in place, your dog boarder can make sure your dog keeps up with their usual routine including mealtimes, walks, grooming necessities and any training regimes — so your pet is less anxious while you’re away from them.

A Social Animal

As a pack animal, dogs are used to socialising either with other dogs or their owner’s family and friends and they can become very lonely, depressed and anxious, when left alone in a boarding kennel. Imagine how much happier they will feel when they become part of the boarders family and enjoy all the attention of their new pack.

Letting Off Steam

Dogs hate being cooped up on their own for any length of time with nothing to do. Regular walks and some play is the way your dog releases all that pent up energy, all of which they can enjoy with dog boarding.

Staying Healthy

A dog is far less likely to be exposed to the risk of disease and parasites when with a dog boarder, mainly as there are a lot less dogs around that can infect them and the environment is much more controlled. Your dog boarder can also ensure that your pet receives any medication at the right time.

A Happier Hound

Just like the rest of us, your dog will miss the ones they love but it is much harder to let them know that the separation isn’t permanent and that they will be re-united with you very soon. However dogs tend to live in the moment and if they are in a caring and happy environment they will soon lose their anxieties and settle into the new surroundings. This makes for a much happier dog as they still feel loved and have that all important companionship and individual attention that kennels can’t provide.

Keeping In Touch

It’s not just the dog that goes through separation anxiety, you will probably miss your pet as much as they miss you. With dog boarding the carer can give you regular updates on how they are doing, what they are up to and even, with the wonders of modern technology, send you photos of them enjoying their new surroundings and friends.

Peace of Mind

There is usually a very good reason that you have to consider leaving your pet, a holiday or a hospital visit perhaps. There is nothing worse than spending the whole time away worrying whether you pet is OK and being well looked after. Because you know that they will be, you can rest easy and look forward to being re-united with a happy, healthy pet that is overjoyed to see you.

At We Love Pets we only use dog boarders that are experienced dog owners themselves and have pet friendly homes with secure gardens. They are fully insured and are trained in canine first aid. To discuss your requirements talk to one of the team today.