Dog walker with dog

Ever Wanted to Work with Animals?

We are always on the lookout for passionate people to work with us at We Love Pets.

What’s it like working with animals?

Cheryl from our Swindon branch says that there’s no downside to becoming a We Love Pets pet sitter.

“It’s not stressful and gives amazing job satisfaction. It’s been a dream come true. You become friends with the pets. They’re like extended family and I love going to see them – even the grumpy ones! There’s one grumpy cat who I’m working on and I say, ‘one day you will sit on my lap!’ I live in hope that one day it will happen!”

Working with animals is tons of fun – you’ll be taking photos for the pet’s owner, playing with them and giving each animal the same level of love and attention that you would give your own. In return, the animals will give you lots of affection and love. Whether you’re walking dogs or looking after pets in their home or in your own home, we can guarantee that you’ll be having a blast.

We’re looking for people who are willing to go out in all weathers, with patience and have a genuine passion for animals. Our pet sitters and walkers will also need to have great organisational and timekeeping skills, in order to make sure the animals have the time they need with you.

There are countless benefits to becoming a dog walker and pet sitter. For one, it’s great exercise! Spending more time out of doors and walking is great for both your physical and mental health. We have several examples from our branch directors and their members of staff on how being with We Love Pets has really boosted their health. Many have lost weight, with some losing up to two stone since they started! 

Hayley from our Trowbridge branch loves her dog walks as much as she loves pet sitting and couldn’t choose between the two! This is one of the things she loves about her job as a dog walker and pet sitter for We Love Pets – it’s so varied and she has flexibility.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in doing in your spare time, then visit our jobsite to find out more.