Small dog sitting in grass

Five places you can buy ice cream for dogs in the UK

We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers where they’ve seen ice cream for dogs sold… here are five of their favourite places:

Rays Ice Cream in Swindon, Wiltshire

Owner, Hadi, says… ‘Yes! It’s true, we now offer our very own ‘ice cream’ for your 4-legged friend. Far better for them than regular ice cream, and they will LOVE it!’

Southsea Beach Cafe in Portsmouth

The Hope Nature Centre, Southwick, Trowbridge

Ice cream for dogs in the UK

We have it on good authority from this gorgeous pup that The Hope Nature Centre sell ice cream for dogs. While service dogs are allowed in the cafe and non service dogs are welcome to sit with you on the outdoor terrace.Frederick’s Ice Cream in Chorley. We’ve verified this one! Just look at Rascal the service dog on their Instagram page having his treat of Frederick’s doggy ice cream. Cobbs Farm Shops in Hungerford, Englefield and Winchester sell delicious dog ice cream, but also some wonderful treats for you too!  If you notice any of our information here is out of date at any time, do let us know.